Happy Sunshine

Monday, July 07, 2014

Yippeee!! I am the happiest girl today! I have few worries last night but i was so happy and blessed that I was able to fix it right away. I can now enjoy and celebrate my birthday fully!! I am always thankful that God has blessed me with bountiful blessings and surprises for my birthday. First, last saturday I was able to spend my birthday with my family. We had a simple celebration at home. we cooked some food,
played xbox, and watched movies! Second, I am thankful that i was able to relax yesterday at the Al Amara Spa. They gave me free services!!--which I will be blogging here soon. And third, I am on my way right now to MOA to celebrate my birthday at one of the famous buffet near the seaside for FREE! aahh.. love it! but ofcourse, all of these blessings I owe to the one and only loving God who gave me another year to celebrate and experience life. By the way, as I enjoy my celebration tonight, I would like to leave you with these photos we shoot few days ago, featuring this lovely cropped top from Ripples by Jenny! Enjoy !

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