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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Hello loves, I was gone for quite a long time because of my thesis. I was having a hard time to squeeze in my blogs from school work so yeah, I have to choose which one to prioritize. I really wish this thesis of mine will soon be over because I'm freakin' tired already. (*sobs) Anyway, my thesis defense which was scheduled this week was moved to Wednesday next week, which means I have a week long free time! YAY! And that ofcourse I dedicate to my backlogs! I felt so sorry for not having able to blog about the events and products I love. To all of my sponsors and blog partners, I am sincerely sorry for all the delays.
Anyway, enough dramas for now, I have to save my drama moments for my upcoming thesis defense. So yeah, here we go..... 
During my birth month, I received tons of blessings and surprises and one of those blessing was I was able to try the services of Al Amara Salon and Spa for free! I am always grateful for such opportunities because it makes me feel like my blog is not just a nonsense piece of junk. For today's article, I would like to share to you guys my experience at Al Amara Salon & Spa.
Al Amara Salon and Spa is an Arabian inspired spa at #205 Aguirre Avenue BF Homes Paranaque Manila, Philippines. It is the most unique Spa experience I ever had! They offer services that are rarely offered which gives them the edge compared to other Spas. Their signature Hammam bath and Morocan experience is a must try since these kind of services were commonly offered at luxury hotel Spas only. But in Al Amara, you can already try these luxurious experience at a lower price! Awesome right?
This is me standing at their main entrance. Love the details!
This is how their reception looks like. Its huge and spacious. By far, this is the biggest spa Ive been to. The interiors are also arab inspired, just look at those arches on the wall and even their lamps. It's cozy and relaxing.
They were so thoughtful that they even offered me a tea before we started the session. They let me try their signature Hammam and Moroccan Scrub.
This is where the Spa rooms are. Can you imagine how big their Spa is?
This just one of the many rooms that they have. In here, is where they perform massage and facial sessions. This where I had my first dose unique relaxation.
The first treatment I tried was their Hammam. First I had this facial session which i think lasted for around 5 to 10 minutes. I felt like a princess being pampered! And mind you, the products they use were exports from other countries. Indeed a luxurious pampering experience you would want to try.
After the facial, they catered me into this room where there is a Sauna and a Steam room. They let me soak inside the steam room for about 30 minutes. Boy! I had a hard time breathing hahaha because of the steam and I could feel all my pores opened. Its quite suffocating inside but it was all worth it! After soaking, they applied a "natural black soap" on me then I rinsed off.
After a relaxing time at the Steam room, they lead me to another room to try the highlight of this treatment!
The Moroccan scrub! Wherein they will scrub your whole body for vigorous exfoliation. I almost slept during this session. Don't worry it doesnt hurt! After the treatment, I felt so relaxed and light. As if all my dead skin cells are all gone! I also noticed that my skin looks a shade lighter and whiter. (^-^) It's my first time to try this kind of treatment and I recommend that you guys will try it too. We all deserves to be pampered.
Other than the Spa services, Al Amara also offers Salon services like haircut, styling, manicure, pedicure, etc. You might also want to try their other spa treatments like body massage. Below are the list of other services they offer. You can contact them on facebook: Al Amara Salon & Spa , call them at (02) 403 1930 
or you could visit them at #205 Aguirre Avenue BF Homes Paranaque Manila, Philippines

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