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Monday, October 13, 2014

photos by Pao Salandanan
If the Royal Wedding made Catherine Middleton a Duchess, or a slipper made Cinderella an instant Princess, Princess Hazel Salon and Spa will surely inspire to bring out every royalty dream filled with beauty and pampering choices minus the luxury pricing. Being back from my hectic and sleepless thesis nights, I was so glad I was given a chance to try out this royal spa located in South Triangle, Quezon Ave.. I had so many pimples on my forehead which needed a treatment so I decided to choose a service that would put an end to my pimple dilemmas. HUHU.
Upon entering their salon, I  instantly fell in love with it! It sure speaks of its name! The details are of gold, and blue and red and purple. It feels like I entered a whole new world of magic --- a fairy tale land. I was thinking, what should be the appropriate role for me that day. Would it be a princess? a duchess? or a queen? I can't decide for myself! HAHA.  
The interiors was so pretty! The photo above is their mani-pedi area. WOW right? The place is so neat and well organized with the most appropriate furniture and details fit for a queen! They cater variety of beauty service which includes manicure, pedicure, hair treatments, acne treatments, and massage! It's a royal hidden gem for those who value privacy, cleanliness, and top-of-the line services from head to toe. 
The photo above is their massage room located at the mezzanine area. 
This is the RF room or their Radio frequency room.
and this one is their beauty room where they do the hair styling, hair cuts and make ups!.
They also have a waiting lounge with a golden sofa which costumers could have some instagram moments. hihihi.,. To be more fun, you could wear a crown or a wig!
As I have said, they have variety of service. On my part, I tried their anti acne and radio frequency package. On the photo above, you could see that my pimples and white heads are being pricked out. Geez.. it was so painful, but it's all worth it! They also gave me a face massage which I hoped it was a bit longer, hahaha. Other than the treatment that I tried, here's the list of their other services:
  • Queen Elizabeth Triple Body Boost (P1,499 net) is designed to leave the skin conditioned and smooth with a totally relaxing full body massage as a blissful ending. 
  • Duchess Kate Facial Bliss Package (P1,499 net) which was inspired from Kate Middleton’s ageless, healthy and smooth skin . No-prick and nourishes the skin instantly, the radio frequency (RF) as an addition contours and slims the face in 15 minutes. 
  • Princess Diana Paraffin Package (P1,200 net) is a combination of hand, foot, and back paraffin, guaranteed an upgrade to a typical routine which relaxes the muscle, increases blood flow, reduces joint stiffness and pain. 
  • Queen Cleopatra Indulgence Package (P999 net) is a synergy of treatments designed to make anyone feel good in an instant. It is a combo of body scrub that strips away dead and dull skin coupled with long-lasting Orly gel mani-pedi.
  • Queen Marie Antoinette Slimming Package uses the famed Radio Frequency (RF) not only boasts slimming, toning, and enhanced collagen production. The Queen Marie Antoinette Slimming Package at 75 percent off (P3,800 net) is good for 10 sessions for any body part of choice, exclusively throughout October.

After my anti acne facial, we went to another room upstairs at the mezzanine level. It's a small room which they perform the Radio Frequency treatment. This treatment helps to shut close your pores and helps pimples to try. RF also works as a slimming apparatus for your cheeks. The photo above was before the RF session. 
The RF is like a hot stone that is rubbed on your face closing those open pores. It lasted for  15 minutes. The last photo above was after the treatment! Look how happy and relaxed I am, although those pimples on my forehead looks sore and ugly. HUHU few days after my treatment, I felt like my pimples were slowly gone. I hope it will be totally gone after a few more days.
Time for photo op with my two Prince! Yay! hihi.  Princess Hazel Salon and Spa has definitely make my pampering experience a royal one! I wish you guys enjoyed this post. Please do visit Princess Hazel Salon and Spa at their facebook page: PRINCESS HAZEL for more package deals and information. 

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