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Friday, October 31, 2014

Shoes, just like our clothing, define character. What we wear is what and who we are. It’s some sort of our personal identity and taste. If you are more of a heels person, we could say that you have a classy and extravagant style or characteristic. If you’d rather go for sneakers, I bet you are more of an outgoing and sporty type, that one who is worry-free and happy-go-lucky kind of person. If you lust over flats and sandals, we could say that you are more of a modest and happy type. I imagine people like these who stroll at parks and enjoy the serene view of the simplest things around. No matter what your pick is, it all has its own unique quality, just like our personality. We are all unique and we stand for what we believe is perfectly for ourselves.

I personally, am a heels kind of person. I have more heels than flat shoes ---although I wear flats most of the time but I lust over heels. On the daily basis, I wear sandals and loafers because they are simply the comfiest especially for long walks. My heels on the other hand, I love to keep them and have them worn during special dates and occasions---like for example weddings! Currently, I’ve been searching and hunting for a perfect wedding shoe I could wear for my sister’s upcoming wedding! Then I discovered Weddingshe—a wanderlust for all those who are planning for their dream weddings. WeddingShe is an online site who sells wedding pieces that includes of course, wedding gowns, bride’s maid dresses and don’t forget SHOES! You could find best quality shoes for wedding at Weddingshe! Best thing about this, is that they have sales too that would save your wallets if you are on a budget. I actually have already picked some of my favorites! Here they are:

Glitz and glitter! I am sure you'll shine and walk like a star wearing this fabulous heels from Weddingshe. The details on its strap adds more glamour to the whole ensemble. 
This one is simplier but absolutely classy and fab. It has a beaded strap too which is really cute and elegant. I would love to recommend this to my sister as her wedding shoes! 
Third favorite is this pink masquerade heels! It has a clean cut and sleek detail but that cutesy masquerade mask win me over! Ahh I want to grab them all and add it to my ever growing shoe collection. Best quality shoes for wedding at Weddingshe are simply the finest! I recommend that you guys check them out too! 

Visit their site at http://www.weddingshe.com/ 
View more best quality wedding shoes at http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Wedding-Shoes-112675/


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