Royal as Blue

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

ROYAL BLUE. Prolly my fave color next to pink is royal blue, and this has to be my third outfit in Hongkong, when we went to this park at the heart of Diamond Hill. I instantly fell inlove with this place. I mean look at that golden temple with its stunning orange bridge behind me. Such a gem! A dream for me which I don't wanna wake up. Yep that is absolutely how I feel whenever I see beautiful places like this. Although I will talk more about it on my next post. For now, I will be posting these outfit shots I had that day. This outfit is actually totally unplanned. I was supposed to wear shorts and tee combo but then, since my sister is wearing a dress, I thought of wearing a dress too to match her. HAHA! I am such a jealous slug i know! Naah,,. we're just twin at hearts! She was actually the one who suggested that I'd be wearing this! see? sisterly love! That's why I love travelling with them! We mostly have the same likes and dislikes! Anyway, here are my outfit shots that my sister took for me. I hope you guys will enjoy it. Please do come back for my travelogue to this beautiful place on my next post. (^-^) Enjoy!
_______Outfit of the Day______
Dress: Hongkong Brand
Inner: Hongkong Brand
Sunnies: Thrifted
Bag 1: Hongkong Brand
Bag 2: Prada
Sandals: Borrowed from sistah! (HK brand)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
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