Travelogue: The Arrival in Hongkong

Friday, October 03, 2014

Warning! Warning! Tons of photos ahead! Uggh.. I always had a hard time sorting travel photos everytime. Whenever I travel, I make sure to take as many photos as I can because you'll never know when you're going to see that city again. I went to Hongkong for a vacation together with my sister and aunt. This was my second out of the country trip of the year and I was so stoked when my sister told me about it. Our flight was scheduled in the afternoon but it was delayed so we were able to fly almost night time already.

We arrived in Hongkong at around 11 in the evening so we were rushing because we have to catch up for the last bus trip going to Queens Town where we are staying for a week.
Thankfully, we arrived safe but it was too tiring because we have to walk for almost 30 minutes from the bus stop to our flat. Since we have families in Hongkong, we don't have any problem with our accomodation. It wasn't fancy but we sure enjoyed our stay because we get to act like we were part of the locals.
The next day, our adventure begins with exploring the streets of Hongkong. Nothing touristy for this day. Our agenda was to visit our aunt who lives in Tsuen Wan and to have a mini celebration of my sister's birthday.
Along the way, I spotted this tram with paquiao's poster in it.
The streets of Hongkong are narrow yet there are no traffic! Aah.. I wish its the same here in the Philippines.
Going to my aunt's place, we took the train and this is how their platform looks like. So pretty right? And clean too!!
Welcome to Tsuen Wan!
Admiring all their streets! Hassle and traffic free!
We met our aunt at one of the malls there---the City walk. Its such a big mall so we were not able to explore it really. But they have this garden at the center and we linger here a bit to take a rest, and admire the place. Love the green building feels in this place.
Living walls!! So pretty. Since I am an architecture student, I always look into a structure's detail so I could incorporate it too on my future designs.
Meet my sister posing on this cutesy road sign in the park.
we stayed here for a couple of hours to eat lunch and ofcourse to celebrate my sister's birthday, although I dont have any decent photos of the food we ate because I was too busy devouring my food. Haha!
After lunch, we went to Ma Wan and saw this bridge along the way. If I am not mistaken, this is the longest bridge.
we passed by the Noah's Ark too but we were not able to enter because my sister said the tix were too expensive and we do not have enough time anymore since it was already afternoon when we arrived. Baka hindi sulit yung bayad.
Instead, we just took goofy photos outside. Haha, love my sister.
Just across the Noah's Ark, there's this picture perfect park which leaves us ooohing and aaahing! The Ma Wan Park.
This place is magical! I can't stop taking photos. We actually saw atleast 3 wedding photoshoots going on when we went to this place.
Love every detail in this place. I felt playful and happy despite of the long walks we had this day. It was some sort of place to unwind since we were still trying to get rid of jet lags.
When we finally went home, we passed by the other side of Hongkong. I saw this view and i cant stop looking at it. The rusty side of HK and modern side in one photo!
After our long trip, we passed by the market to buy some food and fruits. Yes! We get to act like locals. So thankful that we didnt went to a fancy hotel for this trip because we could not have experienced this.
Got to see local foods and delicacies. Herbs, dried whatsover, and pretty pastries! Drools!
Love their markets! There's so much to find here. From food to clothes! They have it.
Macarons!!! Yummm! My fave.
panda bread.,.,aaah too cute! This place is full of quirkiness!!
Saw this pretty tram too. Reminds me of London!! And this is the prettiest tram I saw in HK for my entire trip. Wish i was able to ride in it. Huhu next time, next time!
There you have it. My first full day in HongKong! This is just the beginning. Real adventure is yet to come on the succeeding posts, so please do come back and explore Hongkong with me. (^-^)

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