Travelogue: Hongkong Disneyland

Thursday, October 23, 2014

HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. Am I dreaming? When I was I child, reading those fairy-tale books of princes and princesses makes me wish they were true. I dreamed of those castles, draw bridges and towers to  to be real  and that I've always wanted to be a princess. Now that I've grown up, I am still living my childhood dreams and I am finally here at Disneyland! I have to pinch myself to believe that I am finally making my dreams into reality. I never thought I would be able to visit this place. I'm still floating whenever I scan through my Disneyland photos. It never gets old! Anyway, today I am going to tour you around at the happiest place on earth. Welcome to the world of dreams.

We woke up very early that day because we knew that it's going to be a magical day. We rode the train going to Disneyland and from the station itself, you could already feel the magic. On the train, mickey mouse figures are already very visible, from the windows to the seats/couches, from ceiling details to the train standing handles. Although I was not able to take a decent photo for you to see because the crowd is too thick. You see when we went to Disneyland, Halloween season was fast approaching so you could imagine how packed the place is with tourists coming from every corner of the world eager to enjoy their holidays. And we were one of them! We haven't even had a proper breakfast because we were in a hurry to catch up with the endless queue in the entrance. So we just bought some bread and something to drink. That's my sister having a piece of bread for breakfast! HAHA. With all these excitement we feel, who needs a hearty breakfast? LOL. I don't mind starving at all, as long as my eyes is full.
As I have said, Halloween was fast approaching when we went there so expect that Disneyland will be in a Halloween theme too. This ugly dracola-ish figure greeted us at the center in between the Main Street and Cinderella's castle.
Our first stop was Tomorrow Land. In here, you will see all sorts of modern and futuristic structures and figures. There are also a lot of rides here including the scary space mountain ghost galaxy ride (see photo below) although we were not able to try it because of the endless queue plus we were scared-y cats of course! HAHA
Ready to take off?? Ahh.. kids! Hihi
This is how the space mountain looks like. Spot the curious explorers, one in pink ,the other in yellow green. Hahaha wonder where's the queue i'm talking about? Not here! That is because this is the exit part! 
Ahooy there!! Hihi we surely are enjoying the spoocute (spooky + cute) details everywhere!!
Next stop was the "its a small world" . I'm so in love with this place. I mean, who won't? Just look at that candy-like castle behind us! We can't stop taking photos here!! The evidence is at the photo above. Haha, i love goofing around with my sister! We we're dancing and jumping and shouting and running around like those overly hyper kids!!
Inside is simply magical!! We got to ride in a mini train boat while listening to a different version of the song "its a small world after all!" all around the world at the same time take a peek of every country's culture! So happy to hear the tagalog version of the song too! It feels like we belong! 
After the ride, here comes mooore photos of us outside!! We seriously can't stop!! Thanks to whoever invented the self-timer haha, we finally have a photo of us all in one frame!! Here, i am with my two sisters and our aunt who apparrantly is enjoying too.
Our next activity was to watch the Golden Mickey show! We were told that once in Disneyland, you should never miss the shows! Hence, our priority was to catch all the shows including parades and to cover the whole area. Disneyland is super huge so you'll never have enough of it just for a day. So yeah, we only tried a ride or two and focused on touring around and catch the shows to maximize our day.
The first show we went to was super fun. It's a musical show of different disney characters!! We were so lucky we scored a closer seat to the stage so get to capture a lot of photos of our favorite disney characters! He'res mickey and minnie. So dapper and fab right?? 
We get to see a lot of characters! Theres Lilo and Stitch, Woody and the gang, the hunchedback of notredame, and tarzan too!! (Hello abs! Hahaha)
Mulan and Ariel was there too!!
And ofcourse, the disney princesses!! Here' Bell and his prince dancing, just like in the movies!!
That was one magical show!!  
After the show, we went around and admire more places. We took the train and circulate the whole place. I love every detail we saw, it was cute and at the same time magical! Not only the displays here are catchy, the foods too! Spotted this mickey mouse shaped cookie! Yums
After the train ride, we went back to the cinderella's castle area to catch the much awaited disney parade of stars!
Here comes the flight of fantasies and mickey and friend's float!! 
Winnie the Pooh together with the gang! So adorable!!
Of course the princesses are here too! Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, and Snow White all in one giant and majestic swan!!
Hello from Simba's family! So colorful and fun!
The cutest Tinkerbell goes solo on her turnip float!
Stitch in surf board coming through!
I had a close encounter with Woody and Jessie too! I had a handshake with Jessie!! Yaaay!!
If theres Woody and Jessie, ofcourse we cant miss Buzz Lightyear too, standing proud at their float together with the gang! Aahh.. I enjoyed the parade of stars soo much! I cant stop shouting , calling and waiving at my favorite characters! What an experience! 
After the parade, we run as fast as we can to catch the Lion King Show! It was already packed when we arrived so we get to sit at the farthest seats! Thankfully, we have a great camera to capture all these awesomeness from a distance! Nevertheless, we still got to enjoy the show because the area was designed like an arena. The show was spectacular! They have robotic mascots!! Simba is moving and roaring and everyone is dancing and singing!! How awesome!
The finale! Look how detailed and extravagant their props are!
After the show, we went touring around again and went to Tarzan's tree house!! To go there, you have to cross the river!! Now that's awesome! 
Tarzan' s house is one of a kind!! I'm really jealous. Wish i had a tree house like this at home! My childhood could have been so cool and full of adventure!
Hello from happy kiddos!!
Looking tired but still poses for the camera. HAHA
Our next stop was the Grizzly Gulch. Everything here is western! There are mines, gold, boots, bears wagon, etc. just like the wild wild west!
We tried the Runaway Mine Cars Ride here and it was CRAZY AWESOME! Although we were not able to take photos because all of us jump in to the mine cars all excited to feel the rush! Even my aunt who is almost 60 years old survived! HAHA she said it is one ride she'll never forget! Just look at our haggard yet happy faces! Two thumbs up from me and world peace from my sister. (^-^)
Another area we went to was the Mystic Point. We wanted to ride at the Mystic Manor but the queue is endless so we skipped it and went to the latest addition to the Disneyland theme---the Toy Story Land!
I felt so lucky that I was one of the firsts to experience it. This area is inspired by one of the not so latest hit movie, Toy Story. There are many rides here and are the scariest too! Especially the RC Racer that is shaped like a U magnet. Freakin' scary yet the queue is infinite! We did not dare to try it but we tried the slinky dog ride. HAHA.. It was fun too.
Since the we don't want t waste our time lining up for those rides, we just toured the place and took endless photos everywhere! 
Happy Halloween you guys!!
After the Toy Story land, we went to Cinderella Carousel. Although this photo was taken earlier when the sun is still up. We just passed by here during the day so we decided to went back and take a ride at night.
Its pretty!
But it's much prettier at night! The lights looks magical. See how much I enjoyed this ride. HAHAHA Me and my simple joys. My sister and aunt looked bored though.
Happy kiddos again.
Our last ride was the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. We took a ride inside the giant story book! So cute!
The end. but not yet!
After our last ride, we went back to the Main Street USA to watch the fireworks but we were surprised to see another parade! This time, it's halloween themed! I saw mickey and friends in their Halloween costumes! Jack is there too, sitting on a giant pumpkin!!
Even the castle has a Halloween feel! 
This how Main Street USA looks like after the parade and at night. It's crowded but the buildings looks stunning! 
It was a long and tiring day but we all enjoyed and experienced all the best! We ended our day with a blast by watching the musical fireworks display. I even had a funny experience at this place. You see, it was already dark and we all sat on the ground while waiting for the show, so I took off my shoes and put it aside. After the show, we head home, walked all the way to the main entrance, took the train and alighted. At the station , when we took the exit and the escalator, I looked at my feet and suddenly realized that I was wearing my shoes the other way around! HAHA! I think I was too tired that I didn't felt that my shoes are wrong! HAHA We all went home laughing. 

PS: I am still uploading the fireworks video. will post it soon. 

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