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Friday, November 07, 2014

Today's post is all about Bottoms! Yaaay! There are actually a lot of  types of bottoms that we wear everyday. One of these are pants or trousers if you are from UK. And did you know that in UK, "pants" really means underwear? Yes! HAHA so if you are travelling to that place, never use the word "pants" or they might find you a real joke.  Anyways, pants comes in different styles. You have the loose pants, the colored ones, the patterned ones, the high-waisted, low-waisted, etc. No matter what your style is, you'll always find a perfect pants for you. Although, pants aren't always the comfiest to wear, well at least for me since I am really into dress kind of girl, they are very ideal and flexible in terms of usability. It can be worn for offices, outings, schools, malls, anywhere! It is literally an everyday wear. It can be fashionable and chic too, if you know how to play with it. 

Recently I discovered another online shop called the Tidestore that sells a wide collection of pants you can splurge on. If you love pants, I recommend you check their shop. Check their wide collection of pants here:
Another bottom that is making noise in the fashion industry nowadays are the Jeans. Well, jeans are also kind of the same with pants only that jeans are made of denims. Boyfriend jeans and tattered or distressed jeans are the most popular nowadays. It'll give you a rugged yet chic and fashionable look. I am actually looking for these kind of bottoms and I was so happy that Tidestore sells it too. Lucky me! Are you hunting for these too? Well you know what to do! Visit their site and shop shop shop! And oh... did you know that they have an upcoming sale? You can shop upto 80% off on their Black Friday Sale from November 26th - 29th! I am sure you will enjoy it because they have a lot of fashion pieces in stored for you all. Check it out here:

Lastly, we have the shorts! Compared to pants and jeans, I find shorts the comfiest! They are stylish too and comes in different styles. You have the skort that would be perfect for your cropped tops. Then there's the pocket shorts if you want to have a sporty and outgoing look. The distressed ones are also perfect for any type of tops. And how about the loose ones? It would be perfect for everyday errands or a comfy look for those who wants to relax and unwind. All these pieces are available at You can actually find more amazing pieces at their store. They also have beautiful women’s outerwears, fashion women’s pants, shining pumps and warm boots at very low prices! Shop now!

You can find them too on 
Facebook: Tidestore

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