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Friday, November 07, 2014

Fall most probably is my favorite season although it's sad that I really never experienced it because I live in a country where in we only have two season---the wet and dry season. But it's more like summer all year long since we are in a tropical location. I fell in love with fall however based on the photos and scenes from the movies I saw. It's the time of the year where trees begins to change it's color and the air becomes cooler. It maybe safe to say that it is the most balanced time of the year. The weather is not too hot and yet not too cold. That I wish to experience of course. With that said, I somehow find my way how to enjoy and experience a lil' bit of fall by making fashion layouts like these ones I had for today's post. I collect photos from my favourite online shop, mix them together and imagine myself wearing it.
For my first entry, I choose to have a shade of green, orange and brown because these for me, are the shades of fall. Just imagine the green trees turning into a bright yellow then orange and then brown when it withers. I find it really magical. This first layout, I call it Autumn Burst because all the colors of the season are included in this ensemble. Most people tend to tone down into dull shades of clothing during this season but for me, why not put on a pop of color since autumn is the most unique and perfect anyway. I say we put on our prettiest dress, layer it here with ModCloth cardigans or coat, put on some leggings or for my case a knee socks, to protect you from the cold, then you can either go for a heels or loafers. And don't forget to add few details like a scarf and hat.  I bet you'll absolutely look like a runway model on these or better yet, an another version of Rebecca Bloomwood from the movie "confessions of a shopaholic"!
"Autumn Burst"

For my second entry, I went for a lil' bit formal look and toned down shade. Its more like a neutral ensemble yet fall colors are still present. Since I am a dress kind of person, I opted for a laced white dress with closed neck. Then I chose to partner it with a coat or better yet a ModCloth cardigan from here, if you want to make it look lighter and easier to wear. After the main pieces, I went all shades of brown for details. You can opt for a knee high boots, again for the cold and of course to achieve an extra chic look or you can also choose to have a wedge and don't forget to wear your cutest socks! Hey socks nowadays are fashion fad! You can add more details like a satchel bag, a scarf and a hat. Yep! that's it! I assure you you'll absolutely look extra extra chic and fashionable wearing this ensemble. Trust me, it comes from the autumn of my heart! (^-^)
"From the Autumn of my Heart"

Third entry, I named it I FALL for you ---Fall? get it? HAHA alright alright, call me lame and corny. But the truth is, I really am falling in love with fall/autumn. As I have told you, I haven't experienced it yet so yeah, it is a dream of mine to go places like Europe to experience how fall feels like or how it really looks like! If that day would come, I would most probably wear this last ensemble. A ModCloth sweater from here worn as top and a midi-skirt so I could twirl around and dance with the falling leaves. Then how about a coat or a ModCloth cardigan from here, if it gets a little more cooler and a pair of owl socks and platforms. It wouldnt be complete without  a bag, a belt and my favorite---cap! There you have it. I bet FALL will fall in love with you wearing these pieces.
"I Fall for You"
All of these pieces are collected from MODCLOTH, an online world of unique clothing, accessories, handbags, and shoes, where fresh floral patterns and flirty designs flourish, and fun frocks and fabulously flattering swimwear spring into style. They have the most amazing pieces and they have a wide variety of collections that will surely quench your fashion cravings. Be sure to visit www.modcloth.com and find your favorites too.

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