Fashion-Interior Manifestation

Monday, November 10, 2014

Interior design, like fashion is a lifestyle unique to each individual. We have our own unique tastes, likes and dislikes. Other people cannot judge us by what we look like through their own perspective but rather we are judge by what our individual perspective is.
A living room is somehow like our body that we decorate, redecorate and improve. We live by it and breathe in it. In fashion, we pick our favorites and elaborate it and flourish it. In the same way, a living room too has wonderful pieces or elements that we are attached to. Like example for me, my favorite fashion piece is a dress. With that, whenever I go shopping, the first thing i pick is a dress, it is only then that I went on shopping with items that matches it to accessorize it. In this mood board I created, I choose to have the sofa as my favorite equivalent to a dress when we talk about fashion. I choose the sofa to be colored white because just like in fashion, white can be partnered with any color, may it be bright or dark. It becomes instantly chic and lively. That's how versatile white is. I also adapted the classic black and white color combination so as to achieve a balanced contrast. Like what I have said, a pop of colors will make an instant difference once incorporated into a design. Black and white are such sad colors hence I accessorize it with pops of bright colored throw pillows, displays and flowers to lighten up the mood. As a result, a classic yet playful look is achieved and makes the whole area looks colorful and catchy like a fashion model walking in a runaway! 

This is a perfect reflection of my style, you can call it a bit mainstream, but this is how I always express myself, a little rustic and clean, simple lines and shapes, with a little twitch to spice up the mood and stand out in a simple but bold way. I always want my outfit or a design for a client to have a color combination that will never go out of style or will never be mismatched that may result to unpleasant sight, neutral color is what i always go for. Yes I do love neon colors too but we should know how to limit them in what we put together. In terms of texture and material, I always go for the comfortable, durable, soft fabric with a little texture that makes my style pop out of the crowd. These are some of the rules I go by in terms of designing and what I will wear. Now I’m not saying anybody else’s opinion is wrong, like I said this is me, I’m sure everyone has their own and unique style.

Disclaimer: All furniture pieces used in creating these mood boards were taken from Modani modern furniture. They have wonderful interior pieces for your living room, dining, bedrooms, and offices. They too have outdoor furniture and home decors. If you are planning of designing your home I recommend that it would be perfectly worth a visit. Visit their modern furniture stores now. 

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