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Sunday, November 09, 2014

My Hongkong adventure continues! I know these photos are already super delayed but still I can't miss sharing it here in my blog, afterall, this blog is some sort of my diary which I could look back to in the near future. You see this blog is not for show-off or merely for business instead, it is some sort of a puzzle piece in my life. Without these, I would not remember how blessed and how much I have achieved in life. It's like an e-book of my life. When I was in highschool, I was fond of making scrapbooks but it didn't last long because I am such a messy person that I end up ruining my stuff by either spilling water or stumping on it. I was religious though in keeping photos through my albums and hard drives. But then when I went to college, our computer broke and my mama gave parts of it to a computer shop and I was never able to retrieve my treasure files. I have lost all my elementary and highschool photos thus, I have to start over again. This time, I went on blogging so I am sure I will never lose my photos again (except of course if my site has bugged down, but don't worry I still have copies in my hard drives just to make sure)

Anyhow, let's move on to the story of today's entry. These photos are during my trip to Hongkong Ocean Park, but I will have a separate post for our adventure. Today let me just share you the photos of what I wore that day. I don't really have an actual outfit shoot that day but I managed to collect my solo photos so I guess it would be some sort of the same thing. HAHA. What I am wearing are all from my sister. I wanted to move freely so I could enjoy running and jumping around since that's literally what my life is everyday. If you have noticed, in some of my photos, I am wearing a sandals. That is before we went to Ocean Park. We met our aunt the HK Central and I am so glad she brought me a boots which luckily matches with my outfit. Also, If you think I am wearing a skirt, you are wrong, that is actually a shorts. :) I wouldn't wear it this short if it is an actual skirt. Anyway, I have tons of photos for today's post. I hope you don't mind because I am having a hard time sorting it down to this number out of hundreds! :( I hope you guys enjoy!
_______Outfit of the Day_______
Top: Hongkong Brand
Skirt: Hongkong Brand
Boots: Hongkong Brand
Flats: Hongkong Brand
Bag: Prada
I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)
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