Travelogue: Hongkong Ocean Park

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

FUN AT THE MOUNTAIN PEAK. What I love about Hongkong is how they build their city without destroying the earth's contours. In architecture, I learned that it is the best way to conserve and not harm our environment. As much as possible we were taught that we have to lessen or not at all use the method of cut and fill in designing a sloping site or lot. And that's what exactly Hongkong is implying in their infrastructures' designs and with that I truly admire this city. Yes, they have concrete jungles too just like any other cities yet their mountains remained unharmed even they build structures at it. Take for example the Hongkong Ocean Park---it's an amusement park a top of the mountain! It's kind of unreal to hear but that's the magic of Hongkong Ocean Park. Having this amusement park in this kind of environment actually strengthens the excitement of activities you get to experience in exploring it. It's kinda scattered and unorganized unlike Disneyland where in you know exactly where to go but here, it's pure adventure because every trail will lead you to pockets of fun and discoveries!

Our visit to this place is one for the books! As my sister, aunt and me are all first timers to go to this place, we were all stoked to catch a glimpse of it and experience what it has to offer. Today, I want to invite you guys to join us in our first time adventure at Hongkong Ocean Park. I have tons of photos ahead so please forgive me. I guess that's what all first timers do---take rims of films (yeah old school, just to exagerate, haha) to document their first time experience! Thank God, we are now in a digital world which means we could snap photos all we want and sort it out later. HAHA! The drawback tho, on my part is how to trim it down to fit it all in this blog! Huhu, 60+ this is the shortest number I could get in sorting these photos out so if you don't wish to continue, it's just alright. But if you are looking for fun and adventure come and scroll down to this abyss. HAHA! Here we go, I will go into details now coz I think I blabbered too much already.
Our full day adventure starts by passing by the Hongkong Exchange Square or most popularly known as HK Central to meet up with our two aunts and some friends. This place is the center for all foreign workers who works in this city. In here you will see a lot of Filipinos, Indians, etc. It's kinda like their meeting place. It is also the heart of Hongkong I guess, since I saw many familiar buildings I only see in post cards. There are picnic activities everywhere! And I heard a lot of chattering in my own language. It sort of feels like home with all those Filipinos around this place. There are countless business establishments around this place and a lot of high-rise buildings too! The photo above caught my attention because of it's architecture. Comparing it to it's adjacent buildings, it is more like a traditional Chinese structure. Modern vs. Traditional ---look at that contrast! Yet this building survived and remained true to itself. Kinda reminds me of the thought that says, "Remain true to yourself and you'll rise/shine above others". 
Welcome to Hongkong Exchange Square / HK Central! That prism-ish structure you see on the photo above is prolly the most prominent landmark of this place. When you see it, you'll know you are not lost. 
Before we head to Ocean Park, we took a lil' time to explore this place and we have discovered few hidden gems and that of course is the start of endless clicking and snapping and posing and running! Found a giant ceiling mirror and what else you do when you see a mirror? take a selfie of course! HAHA! SELFIE LEVEL: PRO! or shall I say, ASIANS! (^-^)
Found this oh-so-stunning escalator too! I haven't seen an escalator as beautiful as this! Thus, the happiness all over! If you have seen my previous post, this is where I took few of my outfit shots, haha. Just imagine me and my sister going up and coming down from that escalator just to get a perfect shot! We prolly looked stupid and funny on cctv cameras watching us but heck we care? HAHA Picture taking is not a crime ya' know! LOL It was so much fun! 
After that infinite ride, we tried to see where that pretty escalator is leading to and viola saw these stunning views! That's my sister admiring the view.
This is the IFC Jardine House standing proud and tall! 
After a quick adventure, we finally met our aunt and I was too wiggly to go to Hongkong Ocean park! Tho, we did a lil' chocolate shopping first and ate at Yoshinoya to fuel us up for the real adventure ahead! Admired this ceiling details at Yoshinoya, can't help but snap a photo (oh the architect in me!).
Finally we head to Hongkong Ocean park! Hello there from afar! Took this photo from the bus! Heh heh! You'll only appreciate this view from a distance because once you're already there, you'll never recognize that seahorse thing! Hmmm.. I wonder, if tourists are allowed to go there... gotta discover next time!
And... here we are! The happy kiddos ready to run and have fun! The queue was already quite long when we arrived but the weather was chilly and not sunny so it was totally alright and hassle free to join the line. 
We bought our tickets worth 300 HKD for each person, have it stamped, entered the main entrance, and we're off! Explore dora the explorer! EXPLORE! Whooohhooo!! First stop? The Grand Aquarium! It's the first thing you see when once you entered the park. 
There's a dancing fountain in front of it!  
Now let me tour you inside this giant aquarium. First I saw is this! A large tank of corals! But where's the fish?
Oh here he is! HAHA Just kidding! Don't under estimate that tank empty tank of corals, the real magic lies below it! It's actually a deep deep tank that holds hundreds or even thousands of sea creatures! 
These are just some of what I saw! Lovely lovely sea creatures you get to see up close! Say Hi to patrick star! (^-^) I should have asked him where spongebob is! Harhar
Now let me prove how much this giant tank holds! Viola! Spot the hammer head shark, sting ray, and school of fish! That's so much for an aquarium to hold! See what I mean? Am I in a deep blue sea? I wonder how thick the glass used!
Saw this cylindrical tank too where the fishes are being fed using that pumpkin pot! Seeing them swarm round it is kinda cool to look at but I sort of pity them too. What is life inside a giant cylinder with all these companies? I bet it's suffocating and tho, we say it's a giant tank anyway but hey! it becomes a small world to live in especially if you are sharing it with thousands others!
Look how large this aquarium is! The architecture behind this is a true wonder! (The architect in me again kickin' in) Do you guys ask yourself questions too about how structures are made when you see one? Because really, I met many that doesn't care at all how it was made as long as they see it beautiful and nothing more. Anyway, I guess we lingered a lil' longer inside The Grand Aquarium. It's time to step outside!
At the aquarium's exit, we were greeted by this another attraction---the Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures! It holds amazing Asian animals like the pandas! Unfortunately tho, we were not able to see this place because my sister said that there are soo much to see at the other areas and that we will just come and see it later. But, it ends up not seeing it at all because we were in a hurry to catch a bus going to Jumbo Kingdom which I will blog about next. Huhu pity! I could have experienced my first real life panda encounter! *sobs
Since we skipped the Sichuan Treasures, we can't miss this one---The Ocean Express! Remember I told you, Ocean Park is at the mountain peak? Well there are two ways to get to it. This is the first option, and the other is a cable car ride! We prefer to experience this first, and later the cable car! Take note, reserve the best for last! Hihi Ocean Express nonetheless is close to best too! I mean look at this magical-submarine-ish inclined train! And see how it's interiors looks like! It sure is pretty! And it is much faster than the cable car plus it has digital windows where you could see fishes as if they're just swimming outside! The only drawback in taking this is that, you gotta join the crowd and it sure is packed! I was the last one to step out so I was able to take a photo of its interiors without the crowd! Hihihi I'm a ninja like that!
Once we alighted and exit the Ocean Express Summit Station, this cutie lil' beetle dressed as a panda greeted me! Hallo there cutie! HAHA he's a Volkswagen by the way! Cute lil' thing! I wouldn't mind dressing my car like this!
Next stop: Thrill Mountain! This is where all the scariest rides are!
These are just some of the rides you could try at the Thrill Mountain! The queue are unbelievably long tho, so we were just able to try one ride! Forgot the name tho (argghh bad, bad blogger). It would take you almost an hour just lining up! Geeez we don't have much time so we just went to other attractions that has shorter line.
I was happy tho to score atleast one ride from Hong Kong Ocean Park. One that I would remember for the rest of my life! Obviously, I am the wiggly one on the photos above, HAHA!
Aaaand off we gooo!
Weeeeh!! Can you spot us? I am wearing a boots and my sister is in green cover-up!
Well, that was quick but hey, look at our priceless happy faces! The moment we stepped down, we were dancing like kids again--- we always are! 
This is how we are... well, most of the time! HAHA! I wonder what my sister is doing in this photo. LOL! You see, there are souvenir shops everywhere! And what I love to do is try every quirky and cutesy things I see! Harhar I think she's annoyed in this photo. LOL
Anyway, since we decided to skip the endless queues on the rides, we went to Polar adventure instead. Outside was this flowerscape shaped into a penguin! Too irresistible to have it as a backdrop! Everyone wants to have their photos taken here! 
Ice and snow details are everywhere! We even saw artificial sculpted icebergs with penguins and polar bears in it! (didn't included the photo tho, coz of lotsa photo bombers! haha) It sort of looked like winter wonderland!
At the Polar adventure area, they have another attraction called the South Pole Spectacular. It is another aquarium (is there other term for this?) where all polar animals could be seen like the penguins, and polar bears! We entered a super cold huge room and saw these cuties! It's happy feet! Hihi
Opsie! I am not sure if this cutie is happy about me kissing him or maybe he is screaming for help! HAHA! 
Spotted this scientist checking on the penguins! They sure are well cared! Hope they have a happy life and happy feet too! LOL
After polar adventure, we decided to try the Ocean Park Tower. We passed by the Rapids on our way to the tower. This too I want to try but we were not prepared and we don't have extra clothes for the ride. This ride is kind of similar to jungle river ride.
Anyway, tho I was not able to try the rides, I was happy to have a 360 degrees view the city of Hong Kong from above! Ocean Park tower is an observation tower that revolves as it goes up and down. Spectacular views from above!
This one has to be my favorite shot! The city, the mountains, the sea! Oh Hongkey Kongkey you are beautiful!
After the revolving tower ride, we head to Pacific Pier! It's already half of the day yet we are way too far from covering the whole area. Imagine our tiring and long walks but hey who's complaining? I am still a giddy kiddo right here!! I'm a bot ya' know! And I don't drain my batteries! LOL
Pacific Pier is all about these sluggish lazy mammals! Clearly they enjoy sleeping and sunbathing the whole day! Yep! Wish I live like this! LOL It's my first time to see them this close by the way. yaay!
After Pacific Pier, we went down to try this popular escalator! It's super loooooong and endless!
We went down just to try this!!! HAHAHA! Okaay time to walk up again! LOL!
Our next activity was to watch the Dolphin Show! We walked up up up again on a hilly road to get to it! It's quite tiring so yeah, we have to stop and rest for a while.
Annnd Alas! Here we are!! It was already packed when we arrived but we were lucky enough to score a close seat to the performing area.
It was so much fun watching these smart dolphins! It's a must-not-miss attraction when you go to Hong Kong Ocean Park! 
There are much much more to see in Hong Kong Ocean Park but we don't have enough time anymore. I guess you'll need a 2 full day to experience everything in this place. Nonetheless, I am extremely happy that I get to experience it. Now it's time for the FINALE! The one I've been waiting for!
The Cable car ride! It was my first ever cable car ride! It was so much fun! Tho my sister and aunt don't seem to enjoy it. LOL! I thought I was the one who is afraid of heights!
After the Cable car ride, we passed by the Old Hong Kong Area where you could see all sorts of quirky things and experience a bit of Old Hongkong. 
This is how their tram looks like during the olden time. It looked boxy and less curvy compared to the modern ones that are being used in their city today. 
Found this red telephone booth that my sister and I are dying to see. I am not sure if I am in Hong Kong or in London! LOL This is a dream come true! The two of us are quarreling (a sisterly and cute one, lol) over to have our photo taken at this thing. HAHAHA! I hate her for photo bombing my red telephone booth moment! 
Next target? The real one in London! wooot woot!! 
On our way out, we passed by these Halloween cos-players and clearly I was enjoying every bit of trolling and goofing around these creepy creatures! LOL! 
And here's mooooore photo ops on our way out! I can't stop! Someone stop meeeee! LOL. Everything here are super cute!
Haloo Captain Barbosa! LOL I don't even know who this pirate is! But he has to be my favorite! LOL. He stared at me so I gave him back the evilest cutest look I could possibly make! LOL! He doesn't smile! LOL.
And at long last! we were out! THE END! Now off to our next adventure! See you on the next travelogue! Pleaaase do come back! (^-^)

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