Travelogue: Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Sunday, November 23, 2014

JUMBO KINGDOM. Right after our tiring yet incredibly fun day at Hong Kong Ocean Park, we head off to Aberdeen to see the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant. It is named as the largest floating restaurant in the world so you could imagined how stoked I am to have a glimpse of this beauty. But that's not the only reason why I am excited, another is because it is where my Mama used to live when she was still in Hong Kong! I heard a lot of wonderful stories of her few years stay here so I am looking forward to at least have a glimpse of her life here before.
It was almost sunset already when we left Hong Kong Ocean Park so we hurried and took a bus going to Aberdeen. It was just a single ride from there so it was just easy and fast.
That's me together with my aunts and sister at the bus station. When we arrived at the bus stop, we took a quite long walk going to the boat dock going to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. 
Along the way, I saw these beautiful scenery of yachts parking at the other end of these sparkly blue-green waters! How lucky are these people to have these magnificent view as their backyard and parking lot! Wish I had one! LOL!
The sun was already nowhere to be seen when we arrived yet this place still looks absolute beautiful! My Mama told me that she used to have an afternoon walk and jogging at this place! Now I am here seeing what she had been seeing for years! (^-^) So happy that I was able to have a glimpse of her life here before! And that makes me wish she was with us in this trip :(
Spotted this pretty boat at the harbour! This is exactly what we are going to hop on later! 
Walking at this long strip was never boring especially if you get to see such beautiful piece like this one! At home, we had a poster of a dragon boat festival which my mama brought home from Hong Kong and I was dying to see it in person. Unfortunately tho, it wasn't the dragon boat festival yet when we went to this place but I am so happy that at least I get to see a replica of it! HAHA! Hop on people! and join me! Oh but where's my oar? Guess I am enjoying the invisible one tho. (^-^) 
If there are yachts, there are big boats too! Love how uniformed they are. It's not messy to look at all!
Another detail from the harbour strip was this man together with his wife and two basket full of fish! HAHA
And the lights are out! It's already getting dark and this place looks even more gorgeous!
Finally we reached the boat dock! Look how pretty the entrance is! Everything here is becoming more traditional chinese! Look at the roof detail behind me! It was surreal to see it in person! I just used to see it in our History of Architecture lessons! Love the happy and vibrant colors of this place.
We hop on our boat and off we sail! Catch a glimpse of this dock! It's sooooo pretty! My eyes are full and my excitement gets even higher!
Are the yachts a while ago wasn't enough? Here's more! Droolz! Playground of the rich's! 
And here we go, approaching the world famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant! Oh you're such a beauty! 

Here comes 007 approaching too! HAHA! This reminds me of James Bond! Look at that flawless yacht! So pretty! 
CLOSER! Hihi wow details! The Architect in me drools over this! Chinese people are always always intricate when it comes to their architectural details. I wonder how they manage to maintain this beauty after all these years, to think that it was established in the year 1976! And mind you, it is exposed to salt water which makes it prone to corrosion. That's kind of a lot of maintaining to do. Ooops am I having a lecture here? LOL sorry I just cant stop admiring how it was built! Anyhoo, Jumbo Floating Restaurant is currently owned by Dr. Stanley Ho. It was originally decorated in the style of an ancient Chinese imperial palace. And did you know that over 30 Million HKD were spent to design and build this world class beauty? That's a lot of money for a restaurant! But hey, look at it now, it is everybody's must see destination!
And yes! finally here we are! I can't believe I am actually in it! Can I just cry? LOL. The details are even prettier up close! Can't stop but take photos everywhere! Even their lamp posts are beautiful! Add to that the play of lights and bursting colors of this place! It was magnificent! MAGICAL!
Yaaah! The crazies are in! Are we the only one making wacky poses at this place? LOL Saw other visitors and they were so modest and demure! hahaha
Happy faces and a dream come true! This place is absolutely gorgeous! Although we were just here for a visit and not to dine. Maybe next time I come back, I could experience fine dining at this place. Gotta save money for single dish first! HAHAHA! I'l come back for you fish! 
Waiting for our boat with a view! Bye bye beautiful! See you again next time!
On our way home, we took another route and docked on the other side of Aberdeen. The boat dock here is equally beautiful from the one we took earlier. They have this frame-ish area where you could see the Jumbo Floating Restaurant from afar. I really wanted to have a solo pic at it but this bunch of family don't seem want to leave! Huhuhu! Give chance to others people! You don't own the place! HAHAHA I'm so bitter!
Finally biding goodbye! See you next time! Our next agenda was to have a dinner with our family friend back in Queens Town where we stay. 
Sugar attack! A slice for each pleaase! huuuuu
Spotted this quaint shop. Thought it was a bread shop because it smells so good and their products are so colorful but turns out, it was a handmade cosmetics and soap shop! (^-^)
And finally we met! YAY! What a happy family get together and sumptuous dinner to end the day.
We had shabu-shabu! Yummy!
Remember I told you on our first day in Hong Kong that it was my sister's birthday? Well, our family friend was kind and sweet enough to give her cake! This is some sort of her second birthday celebration! Hihi
I'm in love with her cake! How could you eat this if its so pretty? I don't wanna ruin it! (-.-)
Met this little guy and he hardly smiles! I had a challenging time making him smile! Have to make funny faces and tickle him! And he finally smiled! Hihihi
Such a cutie! (^-^)
I ended up my day with a happy tummy, countless smiles and a cuddle with this cute little one! Thanks everyone for joining me in this mini adventures of mine! I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour too! I have two more post from my Hong Kong trip so please do come back! (^-^)

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