5 Gowns that will make you a Prom Queen

Friday, December 26, 2014

It’s probably inappropriate to talk about Prom this Christmas season but hey, Prom and Valentine are one of the most exciting celebrations that we look forward to every year, just like Christmas! So, I guess it won’t hurt if I talk about Prom for today’s post since its two months away from now! It’s always better to plan ahead. Today let me help you choose the best gown that would win you the “Prom Queen” Title. Being a Prom Queen is such an exciting and humbling award to have. It means that you are the prettiest (inside-out) and most confident among the girls at school. So if you want to be that girl, here are top 5 Prom Dresses you must have….

MULLET RAFFLES GOWN. Heavy gowns are quite outdated nowadays so this A-line Prom gown with rhinestone details would be perfectly “in” for glamorous prom nights! Best part about wearing this, is that you could move freely and dance your way out without tripping off. The back part has a semi low cut that adds a little more sexiness and the rhinestones is as if made to match for that prom queen crown! 
FLOWY BEADED GOWN. This gown is about simplicity added with a lil’ flare of elegance. It has a really simple design yet oozing with sexiness with that V-cut detail at the back. The beadings too add glamour and sophistication to the whole look. Gown like these are very comfortable and easy to wear. Less sweat and less effort which will give you a more stunning and fresh look all throughout the night. You could sway and dance all you want on your way to get that prom queen crown!
SWEET MERMAID GOWN. You’ll never go wrong with mermaid gowns especially if it’s classy as this one. Show off your curves with this ultra chic and pretty pink gown. If you want to pull off a sweet and modest look for your prom night, this is the best option for you. Not too showy and daring yet an absolute head-turner! With a gown like this, you don’t need any accessory except for your sweetest smile.
DETACHABLE LONG GOWN. Are you a party and cocktail type of girl? Well, this gown is absolutely for you. With it’s detachable skirt, you could go from Queen of the night to sultry bombshell afterwards. The versatility of this gown design is genius! It will surely be a one magical night coupled with an epic after party!
HALTER PROM GOWN. Princess wannabe rejoice because this 5th pick is for you! With a gown as beautiful as this one, you’ll probably not only be tagged as the princess but also be crowned as the queen of the night! The halter design of this gown is oozing with sexiness; add to that the low-cut back! You’ll never go wrong with this tulle gown. Claim it girl because that Prom Queen title is for you! (^-^)
There you have it, 5 gowns for you to choose from to claim that Prom queen crown. I wish you all girls the most memorable prom night. Always remember to walk with confidence and always wear your sweetest smile and I am sure, you’ll absolutely look stunning no matter what your prom dress picks are. All these gowns are available at Landybridal. They have wide selection of Prom Dresses and other occasion dresses too. Unlike other online shops, Landybridal has creative editors, industrious employees and talented leaders, who offer many fantastic prom dresses and stunning accessories. I am confident you’ll get excellent services and products from them. You can visit their site for more choices.
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