5 Winter Coat Must-Haves

Monday, December 01, 2014

I live in a tropical country and it feels like summer all year long (-.-) thus, winter is such a dream for me. I've always wanted to wear pretty fur coats, knee high boots, gloves and those ever cutest ear muffs! Which is why, every time I bump into online shops like TBDress, I always check-out items like these pretty coats first! If I get a chance to live or visit a winter wonderland, I would like to be the most fashionable winter gal ever! So, here I have picked my top 5 winter coat must-haves when this dream comes into reality! Ready? here we go.....
First pick, a hooded thicken overcoat which will perfectly match with a knee-high boots! This has to be my modern interpretation of Red Riding Hood (^-^). Red is such a striking color to wear so it would be perfect for morning and evening wears.  
Find this Little Miss Red Riding Hood Coat here: TBdress Winter thicken Overcoat

Second pick, another hooded coat but this time a vogue style cut in front and a cutesy bow belt. When I first saw this, I instantly fall in love with it. It reminds me of the movie Divergent where the community are grouped into factions according to their characters. I personally want to be part of the Dauntless and if I am one, I would probably wear this black hooded coat! hihi 
Find this Dauntless Doll Coat here: TBdress Vogue Style Trench Coat
Third pick is this stylish white coat with black highlighted details. That bow though was the one that won my heart! It totally represent this blog! If you have noticed, our blog logo is a bow and tie which represents me and pao. Anyhoo, I named this number, Lady Boss because I see myself in it when I become a big boss someday on my own firm and office. (^-^) I would like to look as stylish as this coat---young, stylish, smart and not too bossy!  
Find this Lady Boss Coat here: TBdress Sweet Bowknot Overcoat
Fourth pick, a Christmas-y red coat with a statement black fur collar and big buttons! Whenever I see black buttons pinned on red fabric, I instantly thought of the nutcracker from the timeless movie, Barbie and the Nutcracker! This prolly a lady version of a nutcracker tho, hihihi. A stylish nutcracker I should say. I would love to wear this coat on Christmas eve, the color is absolutely apt for the festivities don't you think? 
Find this Nutcracker Coat here: TBdress Rhinestone Fur-collared Trench Coat
Fifth and last pick goes to this overly pretty white fur coat with the cutest hoodie ears ever! I am squealing over this super kawaii piece. Do I need to explain why?  
Find this Kitty Furry Coat here: TBdress Fuzzy Bear Ear Overcoat
There you have it, My top 5 Winter Coat Must-haves. How about you? What are your picks? You can create your own list too. Simply visit TBdress and choose from their endless collection of winter coats!
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