Al Amara Spa Round 2

Monday, December 08, 2014

Hi guys, Pao here and I am writing for today's entry. You'll be seeing more articles of me from to time on this blog from now on. I hope you'll enjoy my writings too. :) Now off to today's topic.... 
We’re here again !! Months ago, Al Amara Spa celebrated their anniversary and we we're invited again for another extraordinary experience at their spa. After a few months since our first visit, we noticed that their interior changed a bit, and it looked much better I must say. It felt much more relaxing as we entered and the staff welcomed us warmly. They too served us some tea, which I guess another reason for visiting besides their reasonable price and great services.
For this visit, Al Amara offered us to experience two of their signature treatment. First was the Traditional Rhasoul that will help exfoliate your dead skin, clean your pores from head to toe, and help you relax with a massage. Here's how my experience goes.......
Rhasoul clay --a volcanic clay, was rubbed all over my body, from face to toe which lasted for about 10 minutes. This treatment helps achieve a glowing and healthier skin. Rhasoul Clay by the way, is an enticing mixture of rose water and "Argan Oil" and is a must try for beauty treatment.
Then I was accommodated to their steam room. I soaked inside for about 30 minutes so as to activate the volcanic clay and exfoliate my skin. The steam too allows pores to open that way, the essential nutrients from the clay will be thoroughly absorbed. After 30 minutes, I took a shower to rinse off the clay and I instantly felt my skin smoother and tighter. 
After rinsing the volcanic clay, we headed to their massage room. There, the therapist started another treatment called the Hammam Journey or the Turkish bath. The treatment was done by; first, rubbing your body with a cloth soaked in bubble bath soap. And this part was already relaxing for me and kind of a different experience I haven't tried before. It's amazing how unique is Al Amara's spa services are. It was followed by pouring of bubbles over me.It feels like the bubbles are doing the massage when they pop and flow through my body, after the treatment I felt so alive and full of energy, my skin felt light and soft.
This part of the treatment lasted for about 40 mins. It was followed then by a shower while I am still on the lying position. It was done to rinse off the bubbles and to massage your back with the aid of the rushing water from the horizontal shower above the bed.
It was totally a relaxing and unique experience for me. I would definitely recommend this treatment if you feel intoxicated and stressed from everyday work or school. It’s very satisfying to be pampered after a long week of stress.
On this Christmas season, don’t miss a chance to try their packages with their Christmas promo. I’m sure this will be worth the try, see you there!! 
You can contact them on facebook: Al Amara Salon & Spa , call them at (02) 403 1930 or you could visit them at #205 Aguirre Avenue BF Homes Paranaque Manila, Philippines
Disclaimer: Though Seventhbliss was welcomed and invited as a guests at Al Amara Spa, our opinion is as always our own.

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