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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Previously, we talked about wigs. This time allow me to introduce you to hair extensions and how to use it. Hair extensions are kind of wigs too the only difference is that you put it on and blend it on your natural hair. It is used on special occasion or just on a daily basis if you want to hype up you hair length or style it according to your taste. Hair extensions actually came in different types.
Clip on are the most commonly used hair extensions. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is clip it on the roots of your hair and you're done! This is most convenient to use when you are always on the go because it's easier to put on and put off.  On using this, you might need someone to help you out if you are not used to it. These are best used for travels and if you are always on the go.
How to apply Clip On Hair Extensions:

Hair weave is another type of hair extensions where in the hair are readily weaved together for easy and even application. Although this type of extension requires a lot of time because you gave to weave it to your hair strands. But the best thing about it is that it's not easily pulled out and can be easily transformed into numerous hair-dos! 
How to apply Hair Weave Extensions: 

Micro loop on the other hand is a type of hair extension that requires a lot of work. It has loops and micro rings which you basically kind of thread in to you hair strand. But good news about this, is that you can leave it on your hair and it could last up to 30 days depending on how you take care of it and wash it. 
How to apply Micro Loop Hair Extensions: 
You can also watch tutorial on how to apply micro hair loop extension here:
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