Lady Santa Clause

Monday, December 01, 2014

Halloo.. quick update you guys, I broke my phone so I'm missing updates on my instagram.(-.-) I felt sad but quite happy too because at least i could have a lil' break from my online duties. And to catch up, here's my last style post from my Hong Kong trip. This is what I wore on our last day in HK and it's kinda sad that these travel posts are about to end. On the brighter side, I am hopeful for another trip next year because Pao and I are planning a lot of travels after I graduate so please stay tuned for that. Hihihi.

My last outfit in Hong Kong was a lil' Christmas-y! LOL. My sister lend me her pretty fur skirt and all I had with me is this red perucci top to match with it. So with this color combo and furry ensemble, the result is, I kinda looked like a lady santa clause! LOL I guess its totally apt to post this today because tomorrow is the Christmas month already! HAHA! Anyway, I'll leave you here guys. Please enjoy the photos and stay tuned for my last travelogue. (^-^)
_______Outfit of the Day_______
Top: Perucci
Skirt: Hong Kong Brand
Heels: Hong Kong Brand
Bag: Prada

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