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Friday, December 05, 2014

Warning:Today I am going to tell you about my story and how I get rid of my pimples. So,I have to warn you,  this is going to be a lengthy post. Please read on if you're interested. If not, just click the (x)button on the tab.
Hi, this is me, Shiny Bliss Ortilano, I am not perfect, I am not pretty, I have flaws and today I have revelations. Most people say "Hey, you're so pretty, you have the most flawless skin" but that's when before they see me in person. Yes! I look totally different in person and that's maybe why I don't have buddies at school except for my boyfriend. I do have friends but we just bond and chat during classes but once the bell rings, I am a loner once again. Outside the class, I walk alone, I sit alone. It wasn't like this before because I know during my elementary and highschool days, I am a star. I'm not bragging about this or anything I just want to make some point. When I was in Elementary and Highschool, everybody in our place knows who I am. I looked pretty, I excel in school, I join pageants, I host programs, I sing in a choir, and I could go on with the list. Not until when I went to college. In my current school, I am no one. People at school sees me as an ordinary kid with the most ambitious lifestyle that doesn't even deserves it. They always makes me feel like this: "Why is she so ambitious? She's not even pretty. She don't deserve what she has now. She feels like she's popular but duh.. look at her face. Online, she's very pretty, flawless, she has beautiful clothes, but in person? She's so ugly, she has a lot of pimples and her dress isn't pretty at all! She's just a piece of shit and purely ambitious woman! Yep that's reality. And this blog is somewhat a dilemma to those people. To them, I am a total nightmare. They might even think and say, "you don't deserve what you have right now", it's just that, they don't say it straight to my face.
I have this classmate before in my current school, she used to tell me, you're a complete package, you have pretty face, you always get high grades, and you could speak fluent English with an accent. But now? I don't get to talk to her a lot anymore. If before she admires me, today it's the other way around. Most of the time, she just smiles and give me this who-is-she or here-comes-little-miss-photoshop or no-one-cares-about-you-in-person or here's-miss-faker-again look! Yep! I am totally fed up with all these. I am not angry about it because I know it's true. What I really hate is how people tend to judge you with your appearance like it rules your whole life. So what if I have a pimple-infested-face? or a life-full-of-fake-shits?
Here's the thing, because of my blog, I somehow created a dual version of myself. 1. In real life, people sees me as an ugly-acne-filled face with the most pitiful and miserable life because I don't have bunch of friends, I am not part of big fab-night-outs at famous bars, and I hide under my ugly bangs! 2. Online, people sees me as a pretty face with the most amazing life because of those photo-shoots sessions I had and big events from big companies I've been part of. That's it but this all me! Only the later part is presumably was the life that I've always wanted and I somehow created that little dreamy world of mine online. But then, I realized, why not make all this turn into reality? Nonetheless, that dreamy world of mine was already a reality because I actually do have amazing photo-shoots, collaborations with international brands and projects with big companies. The only difference is that, I don't have a pretty face and I don't have confidence in real life. 
Whenever I post photos of myself in this blog, I always use photoshop to get rid of those pimples. That way, I appear pretty and confident in photos. But when it comes to reality, I am actually shy and less confident because I don't have a photoshop to cover up this sad sad reality that I have acne on my forehead. So my remedy was, to have a bangs and hide it under. Pimples are nightmares! I just wanna cry everytime I see my face in the mirror. I thought I have a very miserable life because of these tiny devils. It all started when I had my thesis. You see, I am an architecture student and my course requires a lot of time and effort in doing those designs, schematics and drawings. I hardly had time for sleep. Imagine my whole thesis lasted for exactly 9 months! That means I am sleep deprived for 9 loooong months! Not only that, before I had design subjects too that I could survive 3 days of no sleep! That feeling as if your body is like floating on thin air and you could feel your veins and muscle pounding. I guess I could say, I had extreme sleep deprivation for almost 4 years already. And this last 3 months of my thesis had totally wrecked me and my face. That's when I had my acne started. The doctor said, it was triggered because of stress.
So now, that I have all my sleeping time back because I am about to graduate now---- means less school works and sleepless nights, I wanted to feel confident once again and get rid of my pimples/acne. I have already started my treatment so let me share it with you. I know some of you have the same problem as mine. So let me tell you how to get rid of your pimples and have your flawless and spotless face back. Here we go..
Knowing that my skin problem is already severe, I've been so desperate in finding remedies for it. I have tried a lot of things and ways on how to get rid of pimples or acne like these remedies i tried:
  • Use astringents with clyndamicin after you was your face.
  • Use calamansi/lemon juice for your face 
  • Slice a ripe tomato and rub it gently on your face, have it over night and rinse it in the morning
  • Use papaya soap and wash it out with warm water
  • have a facial at a spa
But none of these worked for me! Not until I went to an expert to have my pimples treated. Forget about those unsure and traditional remedies because today I am going to show you the most effective way to get rid of pimples!
This is how my face looked like before the treatment. If only I could not include this photo, I wouldn't! But because I know some of you might have this same pimple problem too, I'd be very happy to help you and together we say bye bye to these pimples and say hello to pretty and clean face. A face that we'll all be proud of. Here's how I got mine treated:
I went to Luminisce, located in the 2nd flr. of Mercury Drug building across St. Luke's Hospital in Bonifacio Global City. There I met for the first time my skin doctor, Dra. Kaycee Reyes. She's a dermatologist and an expert in holistic skin innovation. I was referred to her by my friend, Ma'am Kathy Kenny Ngo from which I am extremely thankful for because I could finally put an end to my pimple dilemma. 
Dra. Kaycee Reyes, explained to me how pimples are formed and why do we acquire it. Pimples form when dead skin cells mix with excess oil (sebum). This mixture plugs the pore, causing swelling just like on that third white thing on the photo above. Bacteria can grow in the mix and lead to infection and pus. Pus is the yellowish eww thing that you see at the top of your pimple or in filipino term: "nana". (-.-) 
My session started with a photo-shoot! LOL! (^-^) Kidding! They first had my photo taken so as for us to identify later on the difference before and after the treatment. They had my photo taken in different angles, and different faces! I smiled, I frowned, etc. Haha! I kind of enjoy it! When this treatment will be finished, I will show you some before and after photos. On the photo above, my face looked so white because of the light but try to focus on the camera screen and you'll see how my forehead is full of pimples. 
After my photo was taken, I was led to this room where I had my series of treatments. Luminisce are complete with machines and facilities to help you and give you the most effective result in curing your skin problems. These are the treatments given to me on my first session:
1. Luxury Facial
First, they wiped my face with a wet sponge to clean up my face from make-up and powder. After that, facial gel or cream was applied to my face and it feels cold and relaxing. Then they gave me a face massage because basically this treatment is about cleaning up and help your skin and face to relax.  
2. Coquille Peel 
This next treatment is for old skin cells and sun-damaged skin cells. It sheds off your dead skin cells and reveals your smooth and young skin. The treatment started with a Vitamin C Micro-infusion where in they used a machine to apply nutrients directly into your skin and reveal younger and smoother skin with IontoPhonesis. It feels like a cold air massaging my face! They have to cover my ears and nose with a cotton because this method is a little noisy and you'll have a hard time breathing when the cold air coming from the machine hits your nose!
After the Vitamin C Micro-infusion, they put gauze on my face for the coquille peel. I was told that gauze helps the mask to stay in place and to not drip down to your neck or ears. After about 10 minutes, it was removed and felt my skin so light and smooth! 
3. Gold Laser 
The third treatment was quite new to me, although I have already heard it from a lot of people. This treatment uses a laser machine to reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities, such as blemishes or acne scars.The technique directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin, precisely removing skin layer by layer. They have to cover my eyes so as to guard it from the laser light. The treatment was little painful because it's like the laser is burning your outer skin! I could hear tiny cracking and burning of my tiny hairs and skin! I felt like being grilled or something and it smells like I'm burning too! LOL. Since the laser was quite painful, they applied gel on my face after it and feels soothing! 
4. Acne Surgery 
On the fourth treatment, I was not quite sure what was done to me because they once again covered my eyes and had me lied down for almost 10 or 15 minutes. I guess they had me put under machine with a blue light (LOL, i need to confirm this one). After several minutes, they removed my eye mask and Dra. Kaycee Reyes approached me for another round of treatment! She injected IL steroids on my forehead and it was so painful but I have to endure it because I know it'll going to have a great result. After the injection, she started with the Acne Surgery where in she injects something in my pimple and pulls it out! Geez another wave of torture! LOL but don't get me wrong, I only experience torture because my pimple are still fresh. If your pimple are dried out already, I guess it would be easier and less painful. She then pricked it out! It was too painful for me that I had a hard time breathing and we have to pause for a break several time. Dra. Kaycee however was very gentle and careful in treating my acne. She even starts random topics to get my attention away from the pain of the treatment we are doing. And I love her for doing that. Although, I couldn't keep up with our conversation because of the pain huhuhu. But anyway, I had to endure it while my fists are clenched HAHA she even told me not to punch her , LOL, and she kept on saying sorry for hurting me. Hihihi She's such a sweetie. She then told me that we will just continue on the next sessions which I was of course a relief to me. 
And that's all the treatment I had for one day. After the treatment, Dra. Kaycee gave me medications which I have to take in for 3 months. I am currently taking 2 medicines and a gel for my forehead.
Here's how my face looked like after our first treatment session. Notice that my pimple flattened already and was slowly healing. Except the pimple burns and scars are still visible.I still need to come back for further treatments and I am looking forward for great results. I am so thankful to Dra. Kaycee Reyes for helping me out in treating this pimple/acne dilemma of mine. I am now having results which I am very happy about and I can't wait for it to be totally gone. When it's gone, I'd be kickin' butts at school! LOL just kidding! When it's gone, I sure am will feel confident once again and I'd be very happy to face those people who let me down because of my face! LOL! Naah... I just want really to get rid of these tiny ugly devils on my forehead--the causeof my misery! HAHA. Anyhoo, my treatments aren't done yet, but don't worry I will get back to you after my second session with Dra. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce. I will tell you about it on my future post.


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Disclaimer: Though seventhbliss was welcomed and invited as a guest at Luminisce, my opinion is as always my own.

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