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Sunday, December 07, 2014

LAST WAVE OF HONG KONG PHOTOS. Finally my last post from my Hong Kong trip! I hope you enjoyed my previous travel posts at this place as much as I enjoyed writing and preparing this post. I know this was already a super late entry but still every time I look into these photos, I still get this feeling of excitement. Which is why, I am so earnest in doing separate posts from the places I've been to in Hong Kong.  Most bloggers I noticed, when they post their travel blog entry, they tend to fit in their entire trip into 1 or 2 posts! I don't know how they manage to do that, but in my case, I always love to go into details because it's one way of remembering and reminiscing unforgettable memories I had when travelling, hence tons of photos and separate blog posts! I'm truly in love with travel now that from to time, Pao and I always talk and plan for our next destination. And this blog too is becoming more like a travel blog rather than a fashion blog. Which of course I am happy about because in the first place, it is a travel blog that I've always wanted to create. This blog has evolved a lot since then which is why I thought of venturing into partners. Yes you heard it, I'll be having a co-writer in working this blog out which I will talk more on a separate post. We (my partner and I) have a lot of plans ahead so please wait for it (^-^).
Going back to today's topic, Our last day in Hong Kong was quick, exhausting, fun and a little bit sad (-.-). Sad, because well, this journey is about to end. But nonetheless, I still want to invite you guys for the last time to join me in my last day adventure in Hong Kong. Here we go...
Our agenda on our last day was really to go to Victoria Peak or most commonly known as "The Peak". But someone told us, that it is much better to visit that place at night because during the day, most of the time it's cloudy so we will not be able to enjoy the view. Believing that it's going to be cloudy during the day, we started our day quite late. In the morning, we packed our things and at almost noon, we started our way to Mongkok where their famous Night Market is. Although we went during the day so guess I could call this the Day market for now. HAHA! 
It's more like their "divisoria" version (HAHA!) where the goods and products are at super low prices. We stopped here to shop for souvenirs and some food for the trip. 
Though the place is crowded and the streets are narrow, I still admire how every corner looked so unique and quirky. I especially loved this super kawaii layered-cake like building with Holika Holika shop at its ground floor. Funny how it actually sounds like "halika, halika" (tagalog word for "come, come") ahaha, as if it's calling you to shop inside. 
By the way, if you've noticed, we have lots of street/street-crossing photos like this. I actually had outfit shots crossing the street from my previous outfit post (see here) . I don't know why but I really thought candid crossing-the-streets photos are such a harajuku level thing (LOL) and of course it's kinda like a magazine worthy theme! hahaha (^-^) (K! roll your eyes, hihi ). Well, to have a Harajuku-fashion-high-street photo in Japan is in my bucket-list so while it is still a dream, we just did our own version in Hong Kong. teheee..
While in Mongkok, I took a lil' detour by myself and tried to get lost because I don't want to go home just yet! HAHA kidding! But really I was quite lost when I separated with my sisters to look for a toilet. Accidentally, I stumbled upon Langham place---a place I was wishing to visit because here you could find the most creative and most beautiful pastries ever! Just before our Hong Kong trip, I saw a hello kitty siopao photo from Tricia Gosingtian's instagram and I was telling my sister Shella that we should go to this place but she said she don't know where it is and that we don't have time for it. But Lo and behold! I discovered it by myself! Tho, I wish I had more money to buy tons of these sweet treats! Anyhoo, good thing I found my way back to my sisters.
After shopping, we went on our way to Victoria peak. From Mongkok, we took the train to Hong Kong's Central District and went for a quite long walk from the station to the Peak tram station.
At the Central District, you'll find a lot of Hong Kong's famous buildings like this Statue Square on the photo above. 
Then there's the International Finance Centre building or most commonly called IFC. The bullet-like building at our backdrop. It's one of the famous landmarks of Hong Kong. It is the fourth-tallest building in the Greater China region and the eighth-tallest office building in the world! 
Most of you knows this building---the Bank of China Tower! It's the most iconic building in Hong Kong that you prolly recognized from postcards. It has this triangular details and structural expressionism design which makes it stand out among others. It is a 72-storey building which was designed by the famous and  Pritzker Prize-winner I.M. Pei! Such a surreal feeling that I get to see one of the works of Architecture legends that I look-up to in person. This building has a height of 367.4 meters and was considered as the tallest building in Hong Kong and Asia from 1990 to 1992. What I admire most about I.M. Pei's design was the fact that it was the first composite space frame high-rise building! Now that's Architecture! And did you know that the concept behind this iconic building was adopted from a growing bamboo shoots, symbolizing livelihood and prosperity! 
Sorry about the lecture, haha, the architect in me is just so strong that I can't miss including those facts in. I used to learn it from my History of Architecture subject and now I get to see it for real in person! So, you'll understand why I am always excited to talk about these sort of things. Well, at least you learned something from this post.
Another prominent building at Hong Kong central district is the HSBC building which is obvious who owns it of course. It was designed by another  Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, Norman Foster! 
Anyway, back to our adventure! As I have said, from the station, we hiked going up to The Peak tram station. It was quite long and exhausting walk but who's complaining? especially if you get to see those iconic architecture along the way.
Finally, we gleefully reached the Peak tram station with the stunning view of St John's building at the background.
While lining up for the ticket, I spotted this double-decker tourist bus! If you don't have any idea how to explore Hong Kong, you could start riding with this one. It'll take you to the most prominent tourist attractions in Hong Kong. 
At the station, the line was too long so we lingered there for almost an hour! Tip for those who wants to avoid the crowd, come early haha and spend your whole long day at the peak! The tram by the way has no cable attached to it! It worked solely works through that magnetic cylindrical thing attached to it's track! The fun part is, the tram tilts up to 45 degrees when it passes through the mountain's slopes! HAHA! when it does, don't forget to take a selfie! zing! HAHA! My sister and I did and if you have been following me on instagram (@seventhbliss) you'll prolly have seen it! tehee..!
Since the line is too long, good thing they have these mini historical gallery / museum to keep you busy while you wait. By the way, here are few information that you might need when you visit the Peak:
Where to purchase the peak tram ticket : 
All tickets are sold at Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus or appointed travel agents.
Peak Tram Upper Terminus (The Peak Tower) sells Peak Tram tickets (Return & Single) only.
Peak Tram Operating Hours :  
7 am to 12 midnight(Mon - Sun & Public Holidays)
Frequency : Departs every 10 to 15 minutes
Peak Tram Ticket Cost:
Adult:......... HK$ 40 (round trip) .....HK$ 28(single ride)
Child (3 - 11) & Senior (65 or above).......HK$ 18 (round trip)..... HK$ 11 (single ride)
We were finally able to hop on our tram and arrived in Victoria Peak. First thing that'll greet you once you alighted the tram was the inside of The Peak Tower. So if you think you're lost because you end up on a mall, don't cry haha, all you have to do is go out of the building and you'll picture the whole thing. In our case however, we took a lil' tour inside. 
Inside The Peak Tower is another attraction--- the Madame Tussauds! It features over 100 local and international celebrity wax figures with exciting audiovisual effects and interactive experiences to create truly magical moments for all guests. Sad thing, we were not able to enter because we don't have budget for it anymore *sobs. Blame shopping for it! hoho. Madame Tussuads entrance fee costs 135 HK$ for adults and 102 HK$ for children and seniors. Tho, we were happy to pose with Jet Li outside! hahaha! The man in suit tho, I am not familiar with but I admire how detailed his wax is.Well, at least I have an idea what's inside. One day I'll be sure to experience Madame Tussauds too in a much ambitious and dreamy place---LONDON! Wait for mee!!! HAHA
And since we were not able to enter at Madame Tussauds' and have photos with their stars, we happily goof around with these posters of these beauties outside instead! HAHA! 
It was already dark when we went outside The Peak Tower. Remember I told you, you have to go out to picture the whole thing? Well this is how it looks like outside! That boat-like building was The Peak Tower, the one that we just went in! It has an observation deck at the top and luxurious restaurants although you have to pay for a different ticket for it. Here are some information you might need if you want to climb up their Sky Terrace 428:
Sky Terrace Admission Fee: 
Adult:............. HK$ 45
Child (3 - 11) and Senior (65 or above)...........HK$ 23
Where to purchase :  
Tickets can be purchased at :
- Customer Services counter (Ground floor), The Peak Tower
- Shop 302-3, 3/F, The Peak Tower
- Appointed travel agents
Sky Terrace 428 Opening Hours : 
10 am to 11 pm(Mon - Fri)
8 am to 11 pm(Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)
On our case, we did not climb up their Sky Terrace since we don't have time anymore plus it'll not be that worth it unless you'll spend a romantic date and have a fine dinning experience up there. Our visit was merely for touring around so we just head off to their observation terraces at the far side of The Peak Tower.
And this view greeted us! A spectacular view of Hong Kong's cityscape! What a perfect view to unwind and reflect how our past few days in Hong Kong was actually real and that we were super thankful that God has brought us to this place and live our dreams even for just a while.
It was the perfect view too to cap off our Hong Kong trip. Though exhausted and sad that we are now going to leave this magical place, we can't hide our wide and fulfilled smile! It was both our first time in Hong Kong and my sister's first time abroad. It was such a sweet sweet dream that turned into reality.
Since it was already late, we head back and rest for a while in front of The Peak Galleria just across The Peak Tower. It's also a shopping haven but we did not enter anymore because we were all too exhausted already.
When it comes to posing and picture taking however, there's no switch off or battery low mode. Found this art work across our bench and so the last wave of photo op begins! Making the most of our remaining time in Hong Kong before we leave going to the airport early morning the next day. When it's finally time, we took the bus instead of the tram because bus' are a lot more faster and the line is much lesser compared to the tram we took earlier and head home.
On our way home, we passed by Tsim Sha Tsui where we took another bus going to our place. Here we had a last glimpse of Hong Kong's luxurious shopping district where the most famous brands are to be found. If you are into high-end shopping, this place is for you.
And so our journey ends! My sister is either exhausted from our travel or exhausted because we are leaving HK already. I felt the same way too but I am looking forward for another great adventure with her and the whole family at another city! Wishing, hoping, and praying that it will come soon! *fingers crossed! I hope you guys enjoyed your virtual journey too with us on this entire Hong Kong travelogue. Til' next time!! Seee yaaah! 

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