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Thursday, January 22, 2015

This past few weeks has been all about occasion dresses, prom dresses, long gowns, etc. I guess I am little too excited for prom since February is like 10 days away from now. Oh I could still remember my prom night when I won as the Prom Queen. It was totally an unforgettable moment. I felt like the prettiest girl in our school. It’s exciting, humbling and unbelievable. Of all the pretty girls out there, I was the one who won the crown. I didn’t even know I won since I am busy chatting with my girls. It was totally a surprise and the feeling is different. It’s like floating on a thin dreamy air. I want you to feel it too, how is it like to be a prom queen. So right now, let me help you get the best eye-catching dress you could wear to prom. And Landybridal is here to help us out with their huge selection of Prom Dresses UK.

To be literally eye-catching, wear bright and unique colors like this candy-like dress. These kinds of colors are attention getter. People will be able to see you even from afar. Get those head turnin’ with this lovely gown.

Another best color to wear is red. Not quite unique but red has always this strong power to get everyone’s eyes goes popping!

Going unique all the way? Wear neon green. This literally is a rare color to wear on a prom. I have seen a lot of girls wear lime green gown to weddings but not to prom. Being unique is one factor that makes you noticeable, not only with your outward appearance but with your character and talent as well. So why not try this kind of color and step up above the crowd.

Yellow there! Being a huge ball of sunshine makes anybody shines bright. Like this yellow dress, you’ll probably be the shining star of the night. Grab this dress and SHINE!

Lastly, another eye catching colored prom dress---sky blue! Like red, blue is also a common color to wear to parties but why not try other shades of blue to make it look unique. This last pick is one example. It’s not just simply a blue dress but a sweet candy-like one. 
Five candy-like prom dresses you could choose from. Each is definitely unique and stands out. All you have to do is select your favorite and you’re ready to go. But if you want more choices you could always go to Landybridal website where you could find hundreds of designs and other occasion dresses too. Visit them by clicking the link below.
Landybridal website | http://www.landybridal.co.uk/

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