Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's been like forever since I posted my last outfit here on my blog. I've been receiving lots of collaborations lately which I actually earn from it which leaves me no interest in posting free items anymore. LOL. I don't know why, but these days, I enjoy writing articles that are really useful. I even thought of just concentrating on things like these and travels because really, what story has your outfit to tell? Every time I do photo-shoots, I enjoyed it but when it comes to posting it, I mostly stare blankly at it, not knowing what to tell or write about. I'm kinda tired of telling people what I wear, why did I wear it, and what it makes it pretty or comfortable. There's no story at all! And it's getting boring actually. I want to tell stories, I NEED to tell relevant stories not just blabbing about "I have beautiful clothes, I got it for free, I have sponsors, blah blah"... I guess my perspective has changed. It somehow tells me that I have already matured and I want to do greater things. 
But anyway, I still love to dress up and share my style but maybe the next time I'll post outfits, It would just be a really short description and brand names. I want to focus more on writing tips and doing my travelogues. These things excites me so I guess you will be seeing more of it here on my blog. But for now, here's the outfit I shoot with Pao few months back. I received this black top from Pinkboudoir_ as a gift. Funny thing about this outfit is that, we attempted to shoot it many times and it kind of failed. The first one, the one with ombre shorts, we shoot it at Nuvali and the guard told us that it is a private property and we are not allowed to shoot at it. So we end up shooting at the side of the road instead and have to hide at Pao's car. (phfft KJ guards haha) We haven't able to achieve really good photo so we decide to shoot it some other time. The next attempt was with the one I am wearing black skirt. You know, sometimes it's quite annoying when your boyfriend is always late? HAHA! It happens to me every time! It was already sunset when we started rushing and running to take advantage of it's light but we were quite unlucky. I had to edit most of these photos to make it appear brighter. Good thing, Lightroom is an expert at it. We attempt to shoot it again but its seems like it's always impossible so I gave up. So instead, I am combining our first and second shoot for today's outfit post. I managed to gather few decent photos so I hope you'll enjoy it. Have a nice day!
_______Outfit of the Day_______
Shorts: DIY-ed
Skirt: Romwe
Scarf: Hong Kong Brand
I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. (^-^)
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