How to choose your Cocktail Dress

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

What’s a cocktail party without a fabulous cocktail dress? Well, I am here to help you choose the perfect cocktail dress for you. But before that, let me tell you fun facts about cocktail dresses that you might find interesting. Did you know that cocktail dresses before were ankle long? Yes! Well, there are actually 2 lengths, the tea length and the ballerina length. Tea lengths are when it is inches above the ankle and when it almost touches the ankle, it is called ballerina length! Fun right? In our days today however, cocktail dresses are commonly understood as a knee length dress that usually have lace or sequins. The term cocktail dress was first used by Christian Dior in the 1940s which refers to early evening wear. Now that you discovered a lil’ fun fact about cocktail dresses, let us now go on to what and how to choose the perfect cocktail dress for you…

WEAR TUBES. Girls look sexier when they wear tubes because it shows their sharp and sexy collar bones which are one feature that a supermodel has. If you have this feature too, why not flaunt it? Wear something like this cute yet sexy tube cocktail dress from Jecica Dress. The details on this dress are simple and neat accented with overlapping laced skirt and a cute lace flower on the side waist. You could look more fabulous in this creation when you accent it with pearls or silver necklace or choker.
CHOOSE LACE. Laces are quite popular these days because of its intricacy and elegance. Any dresses with laces are instant chic and fashionable. So why not go for a laced dress all over? After all that is what its definition is. As I have explained earlier, cocktail dresses are usually dresses having lace or sequins. Take for example this pink laced dress with sexy cut at the back. It looked so sweet and sexy at the same time. The top part has intricate embroidery which makes it look classy. I love how the skirt is of simple pleated tulle lace that tones down the detailed top. Choose this dress and you’ll make heads turn. I am sure.
GRAB YOUR LBD. LBD or little black dress are real life savers. Why? Because you can wear it in any occasion! If it happens that you get a surprise invitation from a cocktail or black-tie occasion, this option is for you. Black is such a versatile color that matches with anything you pair with it. So if you are on a rush, just grab your little black dress, put on any color of shoes/heels available and accessorize with either silver or gold details or any color that matches your heels and you’re ready to go!
There you have it! Three cocktail dress that will save you from your cocktail party dilemmas! All of these amazing creations were carefully sellected from the wide array of occasion dresses from Jecica Dress. You can find more beautiful designs at their website. Simply click the links below and enjoy shopping!
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