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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations is a new clinic in town that provides excellent solution to your skin problems and helps you nurture your beauty not only aesthetically but healthy inside too. Luminisce is a two year old baby by Dra. Kaycee Reyes who is an expert in holistic skin care. Dra. Kaycee Reyes, studied medicine at the University of Sto. Tomas Faculty of Medicine & Surgery and completed her Diploma in Dermatology and Master of Science in Clinical Dermatology from King’s College and St. John’s Institute of Dermatology at Guy’s & St. Thomas Hospital in London.
Despite the fact that this clinic is considerably young, it has already proven to be the best in providing its services to a lot of skinvestors including famous personalities like Maggie Wilson, Sofia Andres, Patty Laurel and news anchor, Ces Drilon. Luminisce has also graced famous spreads like CosmoPH and Inquirer. Aside from having a well experienced doctor and expert to personally guide and treat your skin concerns, they also provide high quality and innovative health skin care by using state of the art facilities and machines. Which is why I felt so blessed to have my acne treated at Luminisce. 
If you have read my previous post here, I am having an Acne Cure Program to get rid of my pimples. Now I am already on my third session by far and I am having great results. But today, here's my second session with them.....
For my second session, I went through a series of treatments again. The photo above is how my face looked like before the treatment. Notice that my pimples are still red and new pimples has appeared but not as many as before. (Click here to see my first session to compare) And in continuation of my Luminisce journey, here are the treatments I went through for my second session:
1. Facial Deluxe
My treatment started with cleaning up my skin with sponge to get rid of the powder I put on earlier. This is to clear off your face too in case you put on make up before the treatment. It is important to do this to avoid your make up chemicals to react with the solutions that will be applied later on. After cleaning up, the nurse put gel solution on my face and massage it. It feels so relaxing. After that, they put gauze on my face and brushed another solution through it. The reason why gauze is used, is for the solution not to drip down to your neck or anywhere else. This is a best method too to allow the solution to be thoroughly absorbed by your skin.
2. Coquille Peel
Since my skin was already cleansed, it's time for a stronger solution that penetrates deeper into your skin. This treatment is quite painful. The nurse brushed a solution through my face and it's quite prickly when it penetrates. They have to fan my face to ease the pain. Coquille Peel allows your skin to regenerate and renew. Your skin may peel off after several days since the dry skins will fall off but make sure not to scratch it because it might leave dark spots if you do. Just leave it there and allow itself to flake off. 
3. Acne Surgery
Here comes the real thing! If the previous treatment was prickly, this third treatment is excruciating! Okay, not that I'm scaring you out about this but it really was painful for me. Maybe because I have a lot of fresh pimples and mostly are on my forehead. In this treatment, they prick your pimples out. Imagine, you can't even touch your forehead nor frown because of your fresh pimples and here they come pinching/pricking the pus out of it. It was a total torture! HAHAHA. But this won't stop me. I am totally determined to put an end to my pimple dilemma. I hope you do too if you have the same problem with me. We can do this!
After the surgery, the struggle is not over yet! The next step was to inject IL Steriod to your pimples to avoid it from coming back. Your pimple are still bleeding from the pricking session and here comes the needles to finish it. Luckily I was able to survive! Isipin mo nlang gaganda ka pag nawala tong pimples mo. HAHA, It will get you through. (^-^)
4. PDT Light
The fourth treatment given to me was the PDT Light. Don't worry you could now relax at this step. PDT Light will help kill the bacteria in your skin. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a procedure that uses a photo-sensitizing drug to apply light therapy selectively to target pre-skin cancer, acne and sun damage. It will also help skin solutions to penetrate your skin making it more effective. They have to let you put on an eye mask because it might damage your eye sight. This treatment lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes so you could relax and take a nap for the moment.
5. Acne Clear Laser
The final step was the Acne Clear Laser wherein they have to let you put on an eye mask again to make sure your eyes wont be damaged by the laser light. This treatment is performed through the aid of a laser machine which removes or rather lessen the pimple redness and dark spots on your skin. The technique directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin, precisely removing skin layer by layer. The treatment was a little painful because it's like the laser is burning your outer skin! I could hear tiny cracking and burning of my tiny hairs and skin but don't worry, this treatment is completely safe. It will result to a smoother and clearer skin. This is personally excuted by Dra. Kaycee to make sure that the treatment is correctly performed. 
And there you have it, my second session with Luminisce on this Acne Cure Program. The photo above is how my face looked like after the treatment. It is much smoother now and the dark spots are much lighter than before. Aside from the series of treatments, I was also advised to take medicines. Right now I am taking up 2 different medicines which is quite expensive. It costs 80 pesos per capsule which I have to take everyday for 12 weeks.  And then, I am also applying Epidou Gel on my forehead every night. It is an acne gel that costs 1,218 pesos. It could last for a month or so. 
For my second session, I was advised to use AHA Facial Wash which you could get from Luminisce too for 1,100 pesos. It is a wash especially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin. Dra. Kaycee also gave me her own formulated SPF 45 Sunblock which I personally like a lot! Unlike other sunblock, Luminisce sunblock is a mousse which dries on like a powder when applied. It's not sticky and messy! I bet you'll love it too. You can get it from the clinic for 750 pesos. Another product I was advised to use was the cebatrol pads (which I was not able to acquire yet, huhu because i'm running out of funds, haha), which will help lessen your acne scars and dark spots. It costs 1,650 pesos.
My Acne Cure Program is not done yet. I have to undergo more treatments so I hope you'll follow my Luminisce journey on this blog. I also wish that I was able to help you too with your acne problem. If you have the same situation with me, you know where to go. Luminisce is located at the 2nd flr. of Mercury Drug building across St. Luke's Hospital in Bonifacio Global City. Don't wait for your skin problem to go worse like mine. Have it checked with an expert and put an end to it right away.
Read about my first session here.

For now, you could visit and follow Luminisce on these following sites:

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Disclaimer: Though seventhbliss was welcomed and invited as a guest at Luminisce, my opinion is as always my own.

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