Nautical Curtains Idea

Thursday, January 22, 2015

After I graduate and get a good job, my goal is to have my own place so I could learn to be more responsible and independent. I could already imagine myself decorating and doing some DIYs. As an architecture student, it’s always been a delight for me doing these such things. I love designing buildings, houses, etc. But what I enjoy the most is when beautification and polishing happens like for example doing some landscapes or interior designs. Today allow me to share my little knowledge about interior designing.
In designing a space, may it be a bedroom, living room or kitchen, one important ingredient that we should not miss is to choose the right curtains. It dictates the theme of your space. It’s like an icing to your cake. One interior theme that I love is Nautical since I always love the idea of sailing and the deep blue sea. So here I have prepared four nautical curtains idea which I got from It is an online shop that sells variety of curtains with hundreds of choices from different patterns, designs and themes. 

Have a little taste of the deep blue sea with this sail and lighthouse patterned curtain. (get it here)

If you have kids at home, this printed sailor curtain might be the one you are looking for. (get it here)

Love to travel? Or maybe you dream of conquering the world? I guess you will love this one. (get it here)

Blue stripes are one thing that ideally signifies a sailor or nautical theme. So I guess the stripes on this last pick say it all. (get it here)
These are just few samples from Curtains Market. Find more curtain designs and ideas by clicking the link below. It will direct you to their site. Enjoy shopping!

Curtains Market Website |


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