Pastel Evening Dresses

Friday, January 09, 2015

I am really into gowns and occasion dresses lately which makes me feel kind of weird since I don’t really have any glamour party coming up. I blame it to my sister’s upcoming wedding this year why I’m rummaging into online shops for beautiful gowns. Today, I have discovered new sets of beautiful gowns that I felt in love with. This time I collected pastel evening dresses which I am sure you’ll like too. But before I show you my picks, I want to share few facts that I discovered about evening dresses. Did you know that evening wears are known as court dresses before? It is due to its creation at royal courts! So I guess it’s safe to say that we are all royals when we wear evening dresses especially if it’s as elegant and beautiful as these dresses I have prepared for you!

Evening dresses are sometimes confused with ball gowns, but the truth is they are completely different. Evening gowns can be any silhouette shaped made of silky and soft fabrics while Ball gowns always have a full skirt and a fitted bodice. This first piece is made of silk which is the most popular fabric for many gowns. It is flow-y, delicate and elegant to look at. The fabric itself is already a complete creation. What it needs is a bit of sparkly beading and the right color to make it look absolutely stunning.

Pastels are described as soothing, soft and less saturated. And this dress says it all. Yellow are bright and striking color but yellow in pastel is simply sweet and soothing to the eye. Anyone who would wear this will look like a ray of morning sunshine.

This next selection makes me want to eat cotton candy! How sweet is this beautiful pink evening dress? It doesn't even have any elaborated detailing and bead-works yet it looks strikingly gorgeous. The back design too is so sexy which I guess is the highlight of the whole piece. You’ll absolutely be the darling of the crowd once you wear this on a party. 

Last piece I had for you is this icing like gown with minty pastel color. This is like a breath of fresh air! Pleats, lace, and beads --- what else is lacking? This dress is all about elegance. The back design, the lace on top and the thin pleated skirt are all on point.
You can have more evening dresses like this at Jecica Dress. There are also a lot more of colors you can choose from their collection. Why not take a peak at it? Simply click the links below to discover more of these dresses. 
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