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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

photos by Pao Salandanan
Isn't it nice to try new things sometimes? I always love to experience new adventures and discoveries daily which is why when Pao asked me out for a date on our 50th month, I was euphoric! Especially when he told me that we will try something that we haven't done before --- Restaurant hopping! We're both foodies always seeking for new restaurants or hole in the wall to try out. Maybe that's why we clicked and that explains too our piggy almost healthy cheeks. (^-^) 
A day ahead, we planned where to have it and we both agreed to do it in Alabang since its a less crowded place and you could walk leisurely in the streets especially in the Filinvest area. Alabang is a great place to pig-out because there are chains of restaurants along ATC (Alabang Town Center) going to Festival Mall. These are two prominent malls in that area so I am sure you'll never get lost. They are just a jeepney ride away from each other but you could also walk at the sidewalks since Filinvest is somewhat like a mini Makati but without contiguous buildings. Best time for walking is in the afternoon. 
Our plan was to walk and just randomly enter any restaurants that looks appealing to us along the way. Of course we skipped those we already tried. We jump-started our resto-hopping at the Festival Mall since that's the easiest place to get a parking. Pao has a car but we preferred walking since it's going to be a loooong day of food hunting, lol. We imagine ourselves with bulging tummies after every restaurant so I guess walking is the best idea. 

The first restaurant we tried was Super Bowl of China located at the Festival Mall. It is situated at the rear part of the mall facing Starbucks (not sure tho if Starbucks is still there). We didn't know what to order from this restaurant so we asked them what they would recommend us to try (except pork--i don't eat pork). The server suggested we try their Super Bowl Lemon Chicken since it is their best seller. It's a breaded fillet of chicken fried to a crisp with their signature lemon sauce. The plating is not really appealing but surprisingly it tastes good. Not too sweet, not too tangy. The flavor is just right -- perfect blend! The lemon sauce works the magic! 
Price Range: 160-365 php
Operating Hours: Alabang branch
Monday - Thursday 10AM to 10:30PM
Friday - Sunday 10AM to 11PM

From Festival Mall we walked along commerce avenue going to Alabang Town Center. Along the way we saw Project Pie at Block 28 near Commercenter Alabang and Acacia Hotel. I've been hearing about this new custom made artisan pizza for a while and was dying to try it out. So we jumped in right away and joined the queue. Here you could choose your own toppings for your pizza which sounds fun.Their logo says, Project Pie: design, build, eat! But boy, i was so wrong! You don't design it yourself, they do! The only thing you do is choose which toppings and then they got it for you, throw it on an empty dough and put it in the oven! Then you wait..... It was quite disappointing because I really thought it would be a really "fun" experience to "design" your own pizza. (-.-) So sad I was not able to UNLEASH my inner Chef Ramsay, haha! Nonetheless, the pizza tastes good and we got to enjoy their lovely interiors. I especially love reading witty quotes from the walls. 
Price Range:
145-245 php for ready-made pizzas
285 php for build-your-own pizzas
Operating Hours: Alabang branch
Fri - Sun 9 AM - 12 AM
Mon - Thu 10 AM - 11 PM

Our next stop was Press Cafe where we had our lil' break so as to digest the food we ate from the first two restaurants. Press cafe is a winsome cafe at the lower ground of Fully Booked building in Alabang Town Center. It has these creative counters made of piles of books which I think is quite a genius idea. You can just grab a book while fueling up with your coffee right? Although I'm not sure if you could actually do that in Press Cafe, hihi. Okay, we didn't order really something interesting here just a cup of cape americano so we could sat down and goof for a while. By the way, don't be fooled by the heart art on my coffee, I made it myself not by the cafe, haha. But they do have delicious pastries, some good frappes and hearty dishes you could enjoy. You might enjoy this place too like we did.
Price Range: 130-390 php
Operating Hours: 11 AM - 10:30 PM

Aaand were back to eating! haha! Were both sushi lovers. Weve been to tons of japanese-chinese buffets and yet sushis and sashimis always always tastes as if we've tried it for the very first time. After Alabang town center, we went further to Madrigal avenue which is already part of Molito, Alabang. Don't worry it's walk-able from ATC. There's a strip of restaurants in that area which we actually had a hard time to choose where to try our next dish. As what I have said, were both sushi lovers so we opted for a japanese cuisine thus Omakase Japanese Cuisine. The area is huge and they have lots of costumers when we went there. They have good food too but I guess the service is quite slow. Maybe because we went during peak hours? I just don't know. Nonetheless we both enjoyed bonding while waiting for our food. (^-^)
Price Range: 120-640 php
Operating Hours:
11:00 AM - 2:30 PM 
5:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Make it Spanish. Make it Alba! From Omakase, we went back to our route and head to Westgate Center where lies another strip of fine dining restaurants. It was I think around 3 in the afternoon when we went there so most of the restaurants are closed. Good thing Alba Restaurante Espanol was open and the area was quite empty so we jumped in. We tried their Espaguites de la casa, a spaghetti with homemade fresh tomato sauce topped with chopped fried chorizo de Bilbao & cheese. It tastes really good! They have other dishes too like tortilla, paella, tapas, etc. which I would love to try next time. I really wish we tried their Tapas, another favorite that I really want Pao to try. I guess its another reason to come back. (^-^)
Price Range: 150-680 php
Operating Hours: 9 AM - 11 PM
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM (Spanish Lunch Buffet)
6:00 PM - 10:30 PM (Spanish Dinner Buffet)

Time for dessert! In that same area, we found this really cute and quaint place who sells crepes. I am really into desserts but Pao? hmm not so much! So literally I was the one who dragged him here. He had no choice but to agree. The place is beautiful for mini chats and dates anyway. Cafe Breton is where the best crepes are! I have seen this cafe for such a long time already but I never tried so I guess now is the right time with the right guy, tehehe. I forgot the exact ingredient for the crepe that we ordered but I sure remembered I was truly satisfied! One plate is not enough, really! There are endless choices because you get to choose your own fillings and toppings! Yes, they have make-it-yourself crepes! Unleash ze creativity yo! Its another winsome discovery for both of us. (^-^)
Price Range: 100-290 php
Operating Hours: 
9:00AM - 12:00MN (mon-sat)
8:00AM - 11:30PM (sunday)

Okay, this isn't new to us but it was really hot that afternoon so I really wanted to grab an ice cream. And since we already had desserts, I think it's already time to cap off our resto-hopping. We headed back to Festival Mall where we parked Pao's car and then we passed by Dairy Queen to eat ice cream. I opted for their banana split since I haven't tried that yet from their store. Of course I had to finish most of it since Pao isn't really into sweets. Phhfftt! Brain freeze! (-.-) Anyway, tons of choices are in Dairy Qeen's menu so I guess you'll enjoy it especially if you have sweet tooth like me. 
Price Range: 
50-130 php (ice creams)
649-749 php (ice cream cakes)
Operating Hours: 
Depends on location but mostly mall hours

If you think desserts are over, nope, not yet! Our final stop was Brownies Unlimited. My favorite was their Sambos and Silvanas but we bought a box of brownies to take home for the kids at home. (^-^) It's perfect for pasalubongs!
Price Range: 
90-220 php (boxes/packs)
25-35 php (singles)
Operating Hours: mall hours

And yup! Here it ends. 8 different restaurants and cafes in one day. It was a really fun adventure you must try at least once in a while. I am so happy and thankful that I got to do it with my love. I really hope you liked this entry and might as well encourage you to try resto-hopping too. You can opt for other restaurants aside from what we had. Let your inner explorer guide you. (^-^) But if you want to follow our route, check the map below. Til' our next adventure! See you!

 I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. (^-^)
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