Shades of Marsala

Sunday, January 18, 2015

This year’s lucky color is Marsala. A unique color that’s closest to the tones of maroon, red and brown. Marsala is a subtle warm seducing shade that speaks of confidence and stability. It’s a little earthy but sophisticated, dramatic yet grounding. Its quiet a challenging color to wear but with the right choices and confidence, you’ll end up impressing others. Many celebrities have proven it so why not prove it yourself too? How about wearing it to your party or prom maybe? And be the luckiest girl of the night. Today I was inspired to collect few Marsala pieces for you to choose from. It was quite a challenge for me to hunt for it but I managed to find shades that are closest to it. Good thing Landybridal has a wide selection of Prom Dresses 2015 to bring the luck in you. 

GLITTER & GLAMOUR. What’s more glamorous than this glittery sexy dress? The design is simple and subtle with a little touch of sexy. The high slit says it all. 

ETHEREAL. This dress reminds of the classic princesses during the Greek times. It’s soft, silky and sexy. The materials looked elegant and light which brings comfort and ease. I bet you’ll dance all night if you wear this to prom. I find the Cleopatra-ish collar really elegant and chic. You don’t even need a necklace for this one. Just put on a smoky make-up and you’re ready to go.

PARTY AT THE BACK.  Let’s bring sexy back! Yeah! Don’t you just love surprises? This dress absolutely knows how to create a little drama. Imagine this wearing to your prom and everyone goes like “okay, okay” and then they’ll go “wwoooaaahh”. That would be an awesome moment to experience and remember. So why not give this dress a try and let them eyes pop out! (^-^) heh heh You go girl!

MARSALA LOVE. Here’s another pick you might just love to wear to prom. Remember proms are all about having dates and everything? That’s why boys get the chance to ask you out. And proms are often celebrated in February ---the month of love. So I guess this dress is perfectly appropriate for the celebration. Bring your heart out to prom and win not only crown but hearts! 
There you go, new choices for you prom goers! These are just not any prom dress; it’s a lucky prom dress! Wear the year’s color and get lucky! If these picks are not enough, you can find more at Landybridal. Visit them and see more Prom Dress designs on the links below: 
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