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Thursday, January 08, 2015

I am a dreamy kind of girl who’s always in love with sweet dainty things. Which is why, in choosing a dress or a party dress in particular, I tend to go for a sweet look most of the time. Being sweet or looking sweet always leaves a positive impression towards new people you meet. In attending a party or event for example, it is important to convey your personality or character right so that people won’t misunderstood or hate you for wrong reasons.  As the saying goes, first impression most of the time lasts. Now, how about create a lasting impression through the clothes you wear? Here are some sweet party dresses that I would love to recommend to any party/event which I collected from the wide array of incredible designs at Jecica Dress.  

SWEET PINK. When we talk about looking sweet, pink is the very color we instantly think of. Of course, how do we miss it? Pink speaks of being soft and feminine. It conveys a sweet and kind character which most of the captures the heart of every man. This pink dress from Jecica Dress describes exactly how I wanted to look on a party. I love its body hugging tube that looks absolutely sexy without revealing too much. The layered tulle skirt too is a sure win. You don’t have to worry eating too much when wearing this. You can have bulky tummy all you want and still look classy!
DREAMY LAVENDER. Another sweet color to wear is lavender! Subtle, sweet and a little more mature than pink. This color is a little less girly yet unbelievably looking sweet still. If you don’t want to go with the crowd of pink wearing gals, which are very common at parties because pink is such a popular color, why not wear lavender? Like this cutesy dress? It is made of lace and intricate bead works which makes it look more elegant and classy.
PEACH PERFECT. After pink and lavender, here comes peach! --- Another sweet sweet color to wear on a party. Peach is a shade closer to pink but just like any other color, it is unique and it speaks of its own. Yes, pink is sweet but I’d rather call it girly. With peach however, I cannot think of any other description but the word “sweet”. You maybe think differently but for me, this is the sweetest color! I mean, look at this third dress I have for you. Doesn’t it look the sweetest? I am sure you would love to wear this out too on a party.
Three lovable sweet party dresses from Jecica Dress. They sure know how to spoil a girl sweet lady. They have more wonderful pieces at their website. Go and visit them for more affordable and beautiful creations like these. Find out more of their other designs too and occasion dresses like bridesmaid gown and prom dress. Simply click the links below to shop.
Jecica Dress website | http://www.jecicadress.com/ 
Jecica Dress Party dresses  |   http://www.jecicadress.com/party-dresses-c_14/


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