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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Most of the time we see colorful bright prom dresses that ranges from princess-y pink to royal red in the pursuit of owning the prom queen crown. But I think we should not limit ourselves into those colors alone. Why not try other unique colors that we don’t usually wear at proms and you might surprise others by wearing it confidently. Prom is just a month away and I know you are all excited for this annual celebration that you could at least experience only once or twice your lifetime. So why not make it big and memorable? Previously, I posted about prom dresses too and to give you more ideas on what to wear here’s another entry about Prom dresses Ireland which I personally picked from Jecica Dress. Jecica Dress is another online shop that sells amazing collection of prom dresses and other occasion apparels.
THE GREAT GATSBY. Since I talked about wearing unique prom dresses, why not hype a bit and go for a great Gatsby theme? Elegant, sophisticated and absolutely unique! Imagine yourself wearing this stunning black laced gown with a dapper date on your arms! Wouldn't it be memorable? It would be one memorable night for you and your date. You’ll never know, you’ll be hailed as the prom queen of the night. With a gown as beautiful as this, you’ll own the night! Go girl! Make em’ heads turn!
CINDERELLA IN BLACK. We don’t usually wear black at prom because some say, it’s a color for funerals but hey, that’s not true at all. Black is such a unique color that would fit any occasion. May it be a party, debut, or even weddings (I’ve seen a few with black themed wedding), black is such a versatile color to wear. Hence, wearing black gown at proms is not an exception. All you need to do is find the perfect gown for you just like this second pick I had from Jecica Dress. I love how it still looked queenly/princess-y despite of its strong and dark color. The floral detail is what it makes it standout. Wearing this gown, you’ll be an instant Cinderella in black in no time. (^-^)
ROYAL. This year’s lucky color is marsala which is another unique color we don’t commonly wear. Even the name itself sounds foreign. It’s I guess a shade of burgundy and red which quite earthly and dull but when worn the right way, you’ll get an instant royal look. Just like this third prom dress I chose. If only I am a high school student again, I would definitely wear this piece. The bead works and embroidery was intricately placed and incorporated into the design. Add to that the amount of laces on this gown! It’s a masterpiece made for a royals and fittingly appropriate for the next prom queen---YOU (*wink)!
These are just three of the amazing collection of occasion dresses from Jecica Dress. They have a lot more of wonderful pieces you could choose from on their site. Go and visit them on the link below.
Jecica Dress website | http://www.jecicadress.com/

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