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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Previously, I talked about bridesmaid dresses but today I will talk about wedding dresses. To all soon to be brides out there, this post is for you. Weddings are such a wonderful event in our lives that we must not take for granted. It has to be celebrated as one of the most important piece of our lives. Needless to say, this festivity deserves nothing but the best. And you can start it by choosing the best wedding dress to wear on the aisle.  Here, let me help you.
Today let me introduce to you Topswedding. It is an online haven that specializes on wedding apparels. They have wide selection of different designs and creations for your bridal needs. I actually collected few favorites from their collection which hopefully will help you in choosing the best wedding dress for your dream wedding.
Elegant and classic! The details are so intricate and the drape like design is simply classic. Add to that the amazing bead works!
 If you are a princess-y type, this is for you. I love how the top tube looked like a ribbon.
With all these tiny flower designs, you'll be one fairy-like bride to be! It actually reminds me of the movie Phantom of the Opera where Kristin wears flowers on her hair and wedding dress.
For the simple and minimalist brides out there, rejoice! for this last pick is especially dedicated for you. It's all about simplicity and beauty.
You can check more designs at Topswedding website. Simply click the link below:


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