Sweet Dreams Dear Valentine

Friday, February 13, 2015

Previously, I talked about creating a valentine or love mood to your room through curtains, but this time why not go all the way and pimp your bed too with love? Set the mood of sweetness and be in love. After all, valentine is not for lovers alone. Why not surprise your mom or sister by fixing their beds with these lovely valentine themed bedding? Allow me to introduce to you Ogotobedding , an online shop where you could find wonderful themes and designs for your beds. They have a lot of affordable yet unique bedding you could splurge on. You could even change your bed theme every month if you want. But since February is a love month, I have collected few Pink bedding from their shop which I think you would also love to have for a sweet sweet valentine.

This first pick speaks of being in love and happy. The colors on the sheets say it all. Be in love and be happy! (get it here)

Or if you want to go for a sweet retreat all the way, you can have this peach colored bedding. A sweet princess deserves this one. (get it here)

How about this nautical ensemble? If you love sailing this might be the one you are looking for. There’s no better way to describe a nautical theme than a blue stripes. Only this one has a pop of pink love. (^-^) (get it here)

Another happy and playful pick which would be perfect for teenagers out there. This is such a girly and sweet theme for your valentine. (get it here)
Another day, another discovery! If these choices aren't enough, you could find more amazing pieces at http://www.ogotobedding.com/ . Happy shopping!


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