A dash of HYGGE

Sunday, April 12, 2015

When the Holiday season comes, there are a few things we appreciate. We love the fact that we finally have some time which we can spend together with our family. Naturally, who doesn't love the presents? Of course, this is a great time of the year because of all the treats and candies that we make during this period. It would be nice if it was Christmas during the whole year.
As soon as the cold period starts, we love to drink beverages which will keep us warm. There is nothing better than warm tea or coffee during winter. Another recipe that we love to make is mulled wine. This is another, often overlooked, winter treat. It is present in many cultures, especially in Europe and America. Given that each European country has different eating habits, this recipe varies given the place where you drink it. There are different names for this drink such as mulled wine, glühwein, glögg and of course hygge (Danish term for coziness). However you put it, the basis of the drink always remains the same. You need to have warm wine in which you can put different raisins, nuts or spices. Possibilities are limitless.
This is our suggested recipe
· Bottle of wine
· Cinnamon sticks
· 300 grams of resins
· 300 grams of almonds
· Quarter of a cup with honey
· 2 tablespoons of pepper
· 1 cup of port
· 1 cup of brandy
Put all the ingredients together in a pot. Let it simmer for about thirty minutes on medium temperature. Check the temperature once in a while, you shouldn't allow it to boil. Given your preference and the spices which you use, you can either remove them after it is done or leave them in; the choice is all yours. At the end, pour brandy and port. Now, you can serve it to your guests who will most likely love the cocktail.
This drink is one of the traditional winter drinks and in that regard, it is not surprising that you can enjoy it in most of the clubs and bars. One of them is D.W. Alexander – cocktailbar in Toronto.

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