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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Online shops are quite mainstream nowadays and with hundreds or even thousands of them on the web, we do understand how difficult it is to standout above the crowd and create your own name or identity. But if you find one that is absolutely unique, consider yourself a lucky one because it must be a really special and a one in a million shop. Personally, through my blog, I have encountered a lot of online shops that sells dresses, gowns, and ready to wear garments but never did I expect to find a special shop where in you can design your own dress, pick your own fabric, style it out whatever your hearts desire and have it delivered right at your doorstep. Yes, we do have a lot of services like this one in our local community like those dressmaking shops, but I have never heard of the same services offered online until I came across 

Yesmybride will turn your richest imagination into reality through dresses. They customize dresses according to your own sketches, design, ideas, and will tailor it for you. If you think it must be a difficult thing to do especially that you are going to deal with your designer through the web. I mean, how is it done? Well, its actually as easy as 1,2,3! Here's how the whole process is being done.
Design, Submit, Tailor, Deliver! That's it! Design your dress through sketches, and sample images. Then submit your drawings and images to YesMyBride and explain how you want it done. You can choose your own fabric, beads, details, laces, etc. that you want to incorporate in your dress. Then they will do the tailoring for you and have it delivered to your address. 
Here are few samples of dresses that they made for their clients. You can see more of these on their site. Visit them at


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