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Friday, April 24, 2015

It’s about time! I’ve been absent here in this blog for quite a long time already because of tons of life-switch moments which I have to take seriously and handle strictly. Those moments which I am not allowed making any more mistakes. I said “tons” because it really is! I could break it down one by one but it might bore you so I will just share a few. One of those moments I was babbling about is my graduation. I mean, like F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!! I kept on transferring schools since high school so it’s quite a loooong journey for me to finally get out of student life and finish college! I have seen almost all of my elementary and high school friends have already their own job and few are even parents now! They are already enjoying and living another chapter of their lives while I was trapped in Chapter 1 of my own book. That is why I consider my graduation a major life-switch moment. After my grad, everything will be a whole new me in a whole new world. Another level of challenges ahead but I know I can make it through just how I did in the past. Right now, I am just happy and contented….. aaand I got a job! Yay!
Anyway, my topic really for today is to share with you another life-switch moment which I am truly grateful to experience and that is how Luminisce changed me in terms of health, beauty, and confidence! If you remember, I did an acne cure program with them because of my pimple outbreak after my thesis. I had undergone several treatments and I am very happy about the result. You can read the details about my treatments here, and here

Today I want to show you how my face looked like before. It was totally gross back then and I was too shy to go out or even take a selfie. As a matter of fact, I even cut my hair into bangs just to hide my pimples in my forehead. See the photos below and see how Luminisce worked its magic in me.
BEFORE & DURING  (treatment)
These photos are neither filtered nor photo-shopped. It’s all raw photos of mine before, during, and after the treatments. I am soo happy and thankful to Dra. Kaycee Reyes for helping me get rid of my pimples. I am really happy about the result. Right now, I am more than confident and happy every time I go out of my house. It’s truly is a life-switch moment which I will always be grateful of.
If you have the same skin problem like mine, don’t hesitate to visit Dra. Kaycee Reyes at Luminisce clinic in Bonifacio Global City. Their clinic is at the second floor of mercury drug building across St. Luke’s Hospital. First consultation is FREE!
For more information about my treatments with them, kindly read my previous article on the links below:

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