Convertible Dress by Coco Melody

Friday, May 22, 2015

Like technology, fashion also evolves and we discover new creations and styles every day. Have you ever thought of wearing dress that could be worn repeatedly but without actually repeating it? (^-^)Do you get what I mean? If you are looking for this kind of dress let me introduce you COCO MELODY. It is an online shop that specializes on varied occasion attires and dresses. For over 15 years, they have already been in the bridal dress-making profession so I guarantee you could trust a well experienced and well polished product from them. And right now, they released a new product which the convertible bridesmaid dresses that could be styled in 10 different ways. Now that’s incredibly awesome! Who says dresses can’t be worn repeatedly? Thanks to coco melody, no more boring dresses, no more frequent repetitions. 

Here’s how you can style it:
The possibilities are infinite! You could actually play with it and style it the way you wanted. You just have to be a little imaginative and creative. With this on, you are ready to grace any occasion on your calendar. It may even help you save some bucks from buying a dress in every single occasion you are part of. It’s an all occasion dress! Furthermore the fabric is made of chiffon which makes it very comfortable to wear. It’s airy and flow-y which very classy and easy to look at. Every woman who would wear this would absolutely look gracefully fab and gorgeous. This dress is versatile that you could even wear it out in any occasion. This dress is also available in different colors. You can find more choices and other occasions’ dresses and endless designs at their website. If you are on a budget, they also have bridesmaid dresses under 100 $. What more is that they also have bridal accessories and party essentials. Visit their shop at . Enjoy and happy shopping! 

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