Modish in Lace

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My graduation is coming up on the first week of June and I can’t think of what to wear for the celebration after the ceremony. I am thinking of going simple yet classy and something lace-y. Although I am sure there won’t be a big celebration, maybe we will just eat out in a restaurant or cook food at home. So everything I am talking about is a just mere dream haha. BUT there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, you’ll never know what’s about to happen. Anyway, if and only if it will happen to me for real, I would probably wear one of these beautiful long ball dresses from Picked Looks. I am always such a fan of laces. It brings elegance and sophistication to any dress. I was browsing through their web and I found a lot of amazing designs and styles. I consider these three my top picks.

What caught my attention on this first selection was the intricacy of the lace details on the top part of the dress. It looks super classy and delicate. The play of contrast is strong on the dress’ texture. All in all, it looks really great and elegant. It doesn’t even need additional accessory to hype it up because the dress itself is already a masterpiece.
Second pick, is another lace-y piece with a magical twist. Don’t you love the mysterious aura of this one? It’s strong, confident yet a glamorous look for a woman. Prolly it’s kind of a glam-rock themed piece? The total look is really unique and exceptional.  
And for my final choice goes to this regal dress in royal blue color. The design is really simple yet still classy to look at, just how I wanted. I love how the laces and beads on top add drama to the whole look. Totally, its very chic and elegant.
More selections and wonderful pieces you could find if you visit Pickedlooks at They have unbelievably wide collection of occasion dresses. Visit them now!


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