Travelogue: First Night in Bataan

Thursday, May 28, 2015

BEACH CALLING. Okay, here's another backlog that I've been keeping for soooo long in my laptop. Pao and I together with his family went on a weekend getaway in Bataan for a short summer vacation. We actually have tons of photos from this trip so imagine all the sorting I did in processing these. And I sort of admit that's the reason for this post's delay. Hihi Anyway, despite the long hiatus, I still wanted to share our experience on our first time in Bataan. This trip was all about R&R so I don't have much touristy photos to share but instead let me whisk you away to this beautiful place surrounded by nature. We stayed at the Montemar Beach Club in Bagac Bataan.I will tell you more about it on a separate post. For now let me share to you a glimpse of our first night.

The sun was already setting when we finally reached the place and we were so lucky to have a glimpse of this beautiful ombre sky even for just a few minutes.

After watching the sun set, we grabbed some watermelon shake and took a short stroll while admiring the place.

We were greeted by this beautiful set-up at the resort's beach front.

They also have a bar along the shore with these tricky glass tables which looked like a carved ice.

After seeing the beach front, we settled down for some yum yum for our tum tum. That's me and Pao on the left, and his youngest sister Trixie, Tita Amy and Pat on the right. It was such a wonderful experience having dinner with them under the trees and the open sky. We had sumptuous dinner at the resort's restaurant wherein they serve fresh sea foods and delicious Filipino cuisine. 

PS: No, I didn't ate this. haha (posted this coz this is the only decent food photo we had. LOL)

This, by far was my first outing with Pao's family. It was rather short but one of the best memories I will always remember. 

After dinner, we then ended our night with a relaxing moonlight watch while sitting along the seashore feeling the sand in between our toes. Aaah what a dreamy night. 

Stay tuned for more updates about this trip on our next travelogue. Goodnight! (^-^)

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