Travelogue: Nayong Pilipino Clark Expo

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A DAY IN ANGELES CITY. As i have said previously, this trip was actually for my thesis but of course I cant miss exploring the place since I was not able to really enjoy my first two trip in Pampanga. We already talked about Air Force City from my last travelogue and as our journey continues, allow me to show you guys another part of Pampanga which might interest you as well. This place is already known among us but I bet not everyone took time to visit it so journey with me today as we virtually tour around Nayong Pilipino.
Nayong Pilipino is a cultural theme park in Clark Expo which exhibits miniatures of our traditional Filipino houses and some iconic houses of our famous heroes like Jose Rizal and Emilio Aguinaldo. It showcases the rich tradition, custom and historic events of the Filipino people. It is a 5.9 hectare park land inside the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga. The park was inaugurated on December 2007 to visualize the diversity and beauty of the country's rich cultural heritage. The photo above is a replica of Apolinario Mabini's house.
These replicas has its own exhibits inside with various artifacts and some antique tools used by our very own heroes during their time.
The park is subdivided into 2 parts the Pre-Colonial Plaza and the Colonial Plaza. It features distinctly Filipino architecture through the replicas of cultural houses of our ancestors and iconic houses of our heroes. It exhibits the rich culture and colorful history of the Philippines. In such set-up the theme park becomes a living museum as it simulates folkways in arts and crafts as well as in music and dance via cultural performances and exhibits, and re-enactments of local festivals and rituals. In this photo , you could see Dr. Jose Rizal's house and Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo's house at the far end.
Dr. Jose Rizal's House.
Some exhibits inside.
Colonial Plaza has several structures depicting the Spanish classic era. It showcases the Spanish occupation traces of culture and arts in the Philippines. These cultural exhibits are to be seen on the building styles.
An antique carriage or Kalesa.
The replica of the Barasoain Church caters an actual mass every Sunday. There are also souvenir shops inside the plaza that is Spanish inspired in design similar to the parks in Vigan region with an authentic gazebo structures and elements.
While in the Pre-colonial plaza, you could find exhibits of the life of the Filipinos before the Spanish occupation. Replica houses, utensils, weapons, ethnic attires and even folklores of different Philippine regions are to be found in this area.
A typical Bahay Kubo with wooden crafts and sculptures under it. Those are actual handicrafts that they also sell inside. 
Here's a replica of the Maranao Torogan, an indigeneous house of the Maranaw community and was also used as a house of Datu or Sultan in Mindanao.
Of course you cant miss the Banaue Rice Terraces replica with actual rice plants!
More traditional houses at the Kalinga Village. 
There is also an open amphitheater which can accommodate approximately 400-500 pax near the traditional villages where in cultural shows like the Dances and ethnic performances are being held. Too bad we missed it.
They also have an Orchidarium where you could find hundreds of species of Philippine Orchids and flowers. 
There you have it, another trip done! I can't wait to travel again and share the places I've been. I hope you enjoyed our quick tour at the Nayong Pilipino. The best time to go there is the afternoon when the sun is low so you could leisurely enjoy the place without sweat but if you want to achieve picture perfect shots, come early and avoid peak hours just like what we did. :)

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