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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Okay so basically, I am struggling on what title i should name to this post because I felt like I'm totally lost right now because of the amount of work we have in the office. My boss is flying out of the country for a month tomorrow so he stressed us with tons of deadlines and submissions today. I am currently embracing the moment of peace and quite hahaha because tomorrow is the start of a month long stressed free day. LOL. Okay going back to today's look, I would like to share these photos that we took long time ago. I never really meant to share this here before because I thought we didn't have any decent photos during that day. We actually scheduled another shoot for this one. (see here). Recently though, I saw it, decided to have a quick scan and actually find it worth sharing. So here it is... What do you think of this look?
 _______Outfit of the Day_______
Top: Ripples by Jenny
Skirt: Micheles Fashion Guide
Sunnies: Romwe
Shoes: Romwe

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Disclaimer: Though Seventhbliss were given free gifts and items to wear, our opinion is as always our own.

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