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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

GRADUATION FASHION SHOW & EXHIBIT. Last June 27, 2015 , we were so honored to be invited at the Dusit Thani Hotel for the Graduation of Raffles Design Institute. Raffles is one of the leading fashion and arts school here in Manila  and to see the products of their graduates at first hand is such an amazing experience. During the event, graduates from varied courses showcased their masterpieces. There are paintings, artworks, furniture, couture, paintings and of course the most awaited fashion show of their young designers.

The venue opened at exactly  6:00 PM but the actual show started at 8:00 PM. The first two hours were allotted for registration and Exhibit Viewing. They had an "Airline" concept so their program looks like a passport which I really find very creative. 
While enjoying the exhibits, you could grab some also cocktail drinks and food at the bar area which they serve for free. 
These are just some of their wonderful exhibits.
Creative works by their talented interior design students. I find the lampshade made of keys really unique and attractive. You could really see how much effort and hard-work they put into it.
Moments later, the fashion show began. It was prepared by the Fashion Design graduating students which was lead by their dean and professors.We were also given a chance to have a peek backstage and meet the designers personally. We interviewed some of them and get to know their concepts behind every creation. I was able to talk to Designer Christine Ordinanza and she told me that her works are inspired by the concept of a dark forest which I think she successfully incorporate and show in her designs. 
Meet the young designers :) And below are their works. First on the runway is the very bold, edgy and unique works of Ms. Nicole Kim Ang. See the rest of their creations on the photos below:
This one is my fave! A creation by Ms. Mirabai Jyoti Sebastian.  Very simple but stylish and unique! It's a complete stand-out for me. Most of the audience are actually clapping and cheering for this piece. I guess it's everybody's fave.
Their professor, Albert Andrada also featured his beautiful and very intricate creations on the runway. His' works are incredible! My attention was drawn to the details of laces and beading of every piece. Amazing!
These young designers will absolutely have a great future ahead especially in the fashion industry. Raffles Design Institute taught and prepared them well in creating world class creations and designs. These young artists and designers are the ones we should watch-out out for.
Truly, Raffles Design Institute did a great job in molding and developing the minds and creativity of these very talented designers. So if you are looking for a fashion and art school, RDI is the best option for you.

Raffles Design Institute Manila:
Contact: +63 2 890 0860 | E-mail: rdi-manila@raffles-design-institute.com
#1009 Metropol Bldg., Metropolitan Ave., Makati City, Philippines

Disclaimer: Though Seventhbliss was welcomed and invited as a guests at Raffles Design Institute, our opinion is as always our own.

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