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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

And were back to our Webstyle feature! Today we bring you some sexy goodness from Kissmiss, an online haven for bodycons, sexy dresses, and unique bikinis! Summer must be probably over from other parts of the world but for a tropical baby like me who lives in the tropics, it's summer whole year round. And it such a joy to actually discover these sexiest bandage bikinis from Kissmiss. I was actually in awe when i stumbled upon their site because they have a lot of wonderful pieces and the sexiest ones too. Wish I have a bikini bod tho.huhu. But for summer babies out there, we have picked our top 3 bandage bikinis which might interest you as well. Here we go...
First on our list is this grey cut-out bandage bikini. See how sexy this piece is! I especially love the strap-y design which looks very edgy and dramatic. The color is subtle and easy to the eye yet it is strikingly sexy! 
Second on our fave list is this simple triangle bandage bikini in blue. It is a perfect piece to flaunt your sexy abs and butt cheeks. The design is very simple and straight forward. It looks neat and hassle free. Also, you never sweat in figuring out on how to wear this.
Last but definitely NOT the least is this another strap-y number. It is equally beautiful and sexy with the first two in this list. It also comes in other colors like red, peach, and orange. These colors are very striking and catches attention. Wear this to the beach and you'll instantly hit the limelight.
There you have it, 3 sexiest bandage bikinis for everyone. These pieces are up for grabs so hurry before it sold out. Grab more wonderful pieces like these at http://kissmiss.co.uk/bandage-bikinis . Happy shopping and enjoy the beach! 


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