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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Color Block VS Stripes? That's the our topic for today's Webstyle feature. Which style is more appealing? Which is more fashionable? Lets find out! But first, allow me to introduce to you our featured shop for this post, Tidestore. Its an online shop which sells variety of fashion collections. From women's clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, up to men's clothing! They almost have anything that you need! Its a one stop shop for every fashion lovers out there. Back to our topic, we collected several pieces from Tidestore that has stripes pattern and the other is with color block design. Which of each looks best? You decide.
 Color Block VS Stripes
Number one on our list is these collared long sleeved tops. Both are equality gorgeous. The other looks young and fun while the other looks sophisticated and somber. 
Next is the loose top for the comfy hearts. The color block looks very attractive to the eye while the striped one looks easy on the eye. 
Third is the maxi dress with both stripes but differs in color. The black and white looked formal and the other looks casual. Either way, it's still gorgeous.
No matter where you are comfortable with, go for it! May it be a striped top or a color blocked dress. Its all up to you to wear which style suits your mood. Just always remember to wear your best accessory--- Smile! I am sure no matter what you wear, you will absolutely look beautiful in it. Tidestore has a lot more to offer. There collection of fashionable dresses and accessories are endless so i suggest, it is best if you take a peek at their site. Grab more wonderful pieces like these at www.tidestore.com . Enjoy!
To see more color block pieces, go here: www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Color-Block-106177/
To see more striped pieces, go here: http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Stripes-106170/


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