Travelogue: Palace in the Sky

Monday, July 20, 2015

PEOPLE's PARK. With my numerous and constant visits in People's Park, I can't deny that the place is now on my "almost boring" meter but what keeps me from coming back is the breezy weather at the top and the breathtaking views of the skies and mountains. For me, it's the best place to unwind for a budget travel. It is also the best escape from the concrete jungle of Manila. Pao and I usually drive up here if we wanted to take a breather or just to chill. I also realized that despite my countless visit at this place, I haven't shared it here on the blog so I am sharing this posts to those who haven't stepped in yet to this place. Some may find it funny why I am blogging about this place but hey! Don't be a tourist on your own city. Learn to appreciate your own backyard before you step into a bigger backyard a.k.a world. So here goes....
Pao and I went here for a day trip from one of our previous monthsarries. It is just an hour or two away from Manila depending on the traffic. We spent the day soaking up the view and ate some hot pares along the way. We took few snaps to share with you. I hope you like it. (^-^)
Just a little background, according to Wikipedia, Imelda Marcos decided to build a mansion on top of Mount Gonzales, which was at that time a land owned by the government. The summit before was used by the Bureau of Air Transport as a radar station. Construction of the Palace in the Sky began in 1981. The construction of the mansion was a tedious one as roads were built for supplies to reach the top of the 2,500 ft Mount Gonzales. The mountain was leveled by bulldozers and farmers living on the mountainside were asked to relocate. Construction of the mansion was hastened when US President Ronald Reagan announced his intention to visit the Philippines in November 1983. It was reported that the Marcos administration planned to accommodate Reagan at the Palace in the Sky. Post-People Power Revolution critics of the Marcos administration described the unfinished mansion as a symbol of the Marcos administration's excess
Overlooking the Palace are now residential buildings and houses. It is also a perfect place to spot the famous Taal Volcano.
It was a simple and laid-back day for both of us but I enjoyed it a lot. We talked random things, laughed our heart out, did some silly photo-op and just enjoy the view. Moments like these are worth remembering. Enjoy the rest of our photos and see you on our next travelogues. (^-^)

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