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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

When something special is about to happen in our lives, we always wanted to get involved and make sure everything is well prepared and polished. This is very true when it comes to weddings. Every bride I know always wanted her dress to be perfect and beautiful which is why they are very hands-on when choosing or buying a gown. I mean, I seldom see brides who just buys wedding dresses anywhere. We always wanted it to be more personal and unique. And custom-made wedding dresses are always a big check! Having a customized or tailored dress actually takes a lot of time and effort in going to and fro to your designer or dressmaker. But did you know that you can also have your wedding gown designed and tailored online? YESMYBRIDE is the place to be. They are an online site that customizes wedding dresses according to your own delight. I am not joking! Here's how:
Amazing right? Now you can save more time in preparing for your big day. Design, Submit, Tailor, Deliver! That's it! Design your dress through sketches, and sample images. Then submit your drawings and images to YesMyBride and explain how you want it done. You can choose your own fabric, beads, details, laces, etc. that you want to incorporate in your dress. Then they will do the tailoring for you and have it delivered to your address. NO SWEAT!
If you worry about the quality of their services, worry no more because they have professionals working on their team to deliver you only the best! They have well experienced designers from France and US that has been on the wedding industry for over 5 years or so. Below are some bridal creations from their online collection.
Other than custom-made wedding dresses, they have also some ready to wear designs which you could choose or take inspiration from. Check more of their amazing designs and have your wedding dress customized by them. Head over to http://www.yesmybride.net/ . ENJOY!


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