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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Photos by Pao Salandanan
Its been a while since my last outfit post so I thought of posting one today. These photos were taken when I still had my long hair which explains why I could bun it up like this. Probably these photos lingered on my laptop for almost 2 years now and I was reminded lately that no matter how much we keep things organized and take care of our memories, there will always be a chance that we might lost it. Speaking of memories, my beloved hard drive just gave up on me last night and I was in total panic. All my files and memories are in it and I just can't swallow it in if I totally lost the entire content of it. Currently, I am trying to retrieve it and praying that it will be fixed and I could salvage my files. On the brighter note, I am thankful that this blog somehow became my memory drive for almost 4 years now. Almost all of my photos from the hard drive were uploaded here so I am a little hopeful because though I may lost my raw files in my HD, I still have my memories written in here coupled with photos (tho I still need the entire album huhu).
Okay, enough about my lil' drama. Today I would like to share one of my backlogs which I had the hardest time to sort out because we took hundreds of shots and most of it are actually good. Aaaah it's hard to let go some photos you know! (-.-) Thus, here's another lengthy post. On another note, I think I have already discovered the tone and hue I wanted to achieve on my photos and that I could explain in 3 words--- vivid, saturated, and colorful! Just like how my life is all about. I have experimented a lot of filters and artsy tone but I just can't let go of my shouting colors. No more pretending, I will always be that girl with VIVID DREAMS, SATURATED HEART, and COLORFUL LIFE. 
_______Outfit of the Day_______
Dress: HK Brand
Inner wear: SHE by Clashe
Boots: HK Brand
Sunnies: Romwe
Sling Bag: Beverly
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