Travelogue: Art in Island 3D Museum

Monday, August 17, 2015

Are you that kind of person who's easily bored with museums? Are you tired of seeing warnings that says "do not touch" on paintings? Do you also get sad and disappointed when taking photos are not allowed inside? I feel the same way too. I love to examine things, feel it, touch it and took memories from it but we could seldom do this at museums. Which is why when I heard about Art in Island Museum in Cubao, I was excited to experience it.
Art in Island Museum is an interactive museum where in you could touch, took photos and be part of the art exhibits! How awesome is that? You could literally play with art and unleash your artistry in posing for creative photos. Be an angel, kiss a fish, sail away in a bottle, or even feed the tigers! All these things you can do only in Art in Island Museum. 
In Art in Island 3D Museum, paintings come to life. Make sure to be creative, go crazy and be playful in taking photos! The paintings are all yours to use as props. It would be extra fun if you bring your family with you so you could work as a team to achieve a more fun and unique photos.
The only drawback when visiting here is the crowd. It is sometimes impossible to take decent photos because of photo-bombers because of course everybody wants to have photos in every corner. It would be advisable if you come early or during weekdays. It could be a bit crowded during the weekends and holidays.
What do you need to know before going to Art in Island 3D Museum?  
Art in Island Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Art in Island is CLOSED on MONDAYS
Bring your own socks as the museum requires everybody to remove their shoes.
If you forgot to bring one, you could rent from them.
No food allowed inside.
How much is the entrance fee at Art in Island 3D Museum? 
500 PHP for adults
400 PHP for students, PWD, and senior citizens with valid IDs.
Free for kids that are 4ft. below.
Art in Island 3D Museum is located in 175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City. Your landmark would be the MRT Cubao station and/or Farmers Market or Gateway Mall. From there, just ask for directions from the security guards just like what we did. I hope you too would come by and take creative photos too. Enjoy!
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