Webstyle: BOOTiful Wears by Shoespie

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Every time I scan through Shoespie's website, I always find something to splurge on. Hence, we will be featuring new discoveries from them on today's webstyle feature. If you remembered, we already featured Shoespie here in Seventhbliss and a lot of my readers have been asking about their beautiful heels. This time though, let me share another amazing collections that you will surely love. Their super kawaii casual shoes and cheap sexy booties for women. 
True to it's name, Shoespie is an online haven for all shoe addict! They have a lot of beautiful and unique pieces starting with this one --- a doodled chucks slash booties! These are the cutest shoes I've found so far. Every kawaii girls out there must be dying to have this.
Who says laces are only for dress? I completely disagree! I mean, look at these totally one of a kind boots for women. Never have I seen anything like it in any site before. ONLY in Shoespie! Who would have thought laces would look astounding on shoes? This is totally an insane yet incredibly cool idea. 
Lets bring all the kawaii-ness up to the knees! How about this high heel boots from their high heel booties section? Ain't it pretty? All those sexy women in high heel boots has nothing to say about you if you try to sport this. Grab em' all now! 
You can splurge on shoes at their official website listed below. Enjoy shopping and have a BOOTiful day folks! (^-^) 
Shoespie website: www.shoespie.com

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