What's "IN" my Bag?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Recently there have been a lot of challenges that surfaces the net and my fave has to be the “what’s in my bag” challenge. I love getting some inspirations from the instagram photos of my fave fashion icons especially their flatlays of go-to essentials and what’s inside their purse. It has become my ultimate reference guide of essential items. Joining the fad, I decided to create my own list with a little twist. Instead of showing the entire clutter inside my bag (which actually is a total mess), I will be sharing only few items which think is “IN” my bag! (hence the title of this article (^-^)
Starting with the most basic, I have my day cover aka sunblock before going out under the sun. I usually apply it before putting on some make-up. Then there's my Revlon foundation / concealer for a photo-ready look.
Then some powder blush to give my cheek a light tint and fresh glow. I am using Chanel 14 Flamme which has to be my all time favorite.
For some color pop, Etude House color eye shadow is the best! This set is perfect for a fresh make-up look.
I also love to splurge on lippies! The Dior + YSL gloss combo is the bomb! For a darker look, I use Sephora Rouge. Unfortunately, I can't find it inside my bag right now (-.-) I'm afraid I lost it. *sobs
Inside my bag, I always bring my quirky sunnies for some sun shading and of course, for my own personal style. These ones I got from Romwe.
If I have my sunnies with me, it is also a MUST for me to ALWAYS bring my eyeglasses because my life is a BLUR without it (as in literally blurred, haha)!
Before totally going out, I sometimes to put on some accessories. I am not really into rings, earrings and necklaces but watches and chokers works best for me. I had mine either DIY-ed or ordered online. Speaking about shopping online, ZALORA has an extensive selection of jewelry if you wish to grab some great items! 
I also love to bring with me additional accessories like this DIY-ed floral crown or a cutesy bear/cat ears hat for some cute and girly statement.
And lastly, for the finishing touches, I always include in my bag a small perfume or scent so I will always smell fresh at anytime of the day. I rarely bring with me big bottles of perfume because I usually end up spilling it inside my bag. So this Gucci sampler size is always my best option.
There you have it, I hope you find inspiration from what's "IN" my bag. How about sharing yours too? 

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