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Thursday, September 10, 2015

It's been a while since our last webstyle story so to catch-up, here's another entry introducing a brand new online shop and brand new trend. Today, we will talk about bridesmaid dresses---but not the usual bridesmaid dress that you expect. When we talk about bridesmaid dresses, we tend to imagine it like a really flow-y and lengthy gown, however, did you know that you could go for another option? And that is to go completely the opposite. Why not go a little bolder and step up a notch from traditions? ---- Go for a knee-length bridesmaid dress!! It's totally fresh and unique! If your thoughts are inline with mine, well then I know the perfect shop to find these gems! The shop to be is Prom Times ! They have a wide variety of occasion dresses and that includes, wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening gowns, and a whole lot more! They have amazing pieces and designs. Let me show you some.
The golden girl. What's more classy and sophisticated than gold? This ensemble will definitely hype your wedding's theme. It has this really simple lines and cut but totally elegant and modest. Love how the tiny bow and triangular cut at the back brings a touch of cute yet sexy feel.
Like what we always say, black is every girl's sartorial best friend. It can be worn by anyone regarding what's their body type is, no matter what their skin tone is, and no matter how young or old they are. With black, everything is a pop because there's no room for a flop!   
Green is in! Our third pick is another beautiful piece that conveys elegance and sophistication. I love how casual and simple it looks. It's some kind of a bridesmaid dress that I would love to wear all over again to any other occasion. The fact that we could wear it out casually, is actually an advantage if we chose to have a knee-length bridesmaid attire for our wedding. :) 
There you have it, three beautiful number from Prom Times. They have a lot more of wonderful pieces in-stored for you. Go visit them at : http://www.promtimes.co.uk/


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